Overheat is too delicate

Really I know the pvp action and many things can happen and I can and do mistakes but I dont think overheating is being really far with me.
I am losing ships and fights I could have win because the weapon keep overheating when I clicked the button to stop.
I am not crying here. I am not in doubt I have clicked it to stop well on time and still it didnt stop and etc.
So is this not working really fine or I am missing something? This is happening to somebody else?

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Until some sort of heat sink like utility fitting item can be used (like Battletech/MechWarrior) the best options here are to skill up thermodynamics and use spacing go manage heat.

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The overheat action cancels at the beginning of the next cycle. I’d recommend testing it more so you know what your modules can and can’t handle. Thermodynamics also help significantly.


I have thermodinamics V and click the green light at about 50% This may be an issue of you believe me that I did or not but I swear I did. It simply did not stop. My only focus was to do that I was not bussy on the shield booster or anything It didnt stop and this is twice in a week. So I am very concerned now.
Never mind. Either this feature is somehow working bad or not. But I clicked well ahead.

It hurts when you think you did right but your ship didnt obbey thats all.

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Don’t try clicking the small green band, that’s bound to go wrong. Get used to just shift click. Way easier and works far better under stress.


Set shortcuts for overheat. Mouse clicks on hud tend to get lost between server ticks and don’t work.


The ship does what you tell it to do, it can not make a decision by itself.

Are you sure it is not heat build up occurring instead of overheating not being canceled? Even if you cancel overheat heat already generated is still present and can build up more heat damage regardless if overheating is canceled.

Unless is not working as companions explain ticks lost in the server. Your missing the point or just trolling?

50% I thought would be a good precautionary moment to cancel by clicking and stay in the safe side. I click in the rack green button would be, or so I thought, the right procedure.

when overheating…pre-overheat guns and pound and then turn off…train the skills. It’s the meaning between a win and loss MANY times. Don’t just forget about your guns and let them melt…that’d be dumb.

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What point am I missing? You overheated, turned it off too late and got blown up. The fault lies entirely with you and your inability to press one single button on time.

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Overheating should be removed from the game. It just adds another convoluted layer that inhibits pvp. Why not add an overheat the overheat mechanic?? And an overheat nanites repair overheat? Overheat the cargo bay so you can carry more m3…

Get rid of overheat.

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yesterday i died to a punisher because i burned my weapons ,he was like 5% hull left lol, the more weapons you have like in a destroyer for example the faster it happens because of the heat
so ships with 100% bonus to damage and few hardslots have this other hidden bonus
one tip is to space the weapons if you can leaving spaces between the modules , some people like to put offline modules there to , don’t know what is better to be sincere

how about no?
i mean i loose my fair share to overheating but its integral part of pvp in eve
git gud

Why stop there?

We should get rid of the different weapon types as well, and ship sizes. Just put everyone in a ‘Default ship’ and let them activate one module (why overcomplicate it with more convoluted layers like separate modules or different ship types?) to shoot other ‘Default ships’ until the fleet with the biggest amount of default ships wins.

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Maybe the “default ship” could be called “fleet doctrine” and the one “module” they activate could be called “F1”. :monkey:




We already do this, right? :muscle:

Slippery slope argument fallacy.

Pretty sure nanite paste does that already…

What gets damaged by this. Also, you cannot overheat passive modules…

My T3C says no. I say no. Overheat isn’t a hard concept to understand. Learning when to do it and not to do it is part of Eve Online. If you want a simpler game, I suggest pong.


the theory hasn’t changed, afaik, and this article was endorsed by a ccp dev https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/message/586736/#post586736
The Overheating article from the old Evelopedia, however, is no longer available.