Remove Thermodynamics 1 from the new player creation

While I know this is a ‘feature request’, if you are new here, take my advice and turn off overheating.

What is overheating? The ability to push components of your ship to do better and in PVP it might save your life. HOWEVER, as a new player it means a miss-click melts your guns. If you never trained Thermodynamics skill in ye olden days you don’t have to worry. Now every new pod pilot has it on by default.

Here is how to turn it off. I would recommend you do it while you are learning the game.

Alternatively, in PvP overheating is often the difference between life and death. Your opponents will be using it.

Getting used to the idea and how to manage heat is an important skill and new players should be encouraged to learn it. As with everything in combat, making the mistake and exploding because of it is part of learning.

Rather than advocating removal, I think new players should train it up to at least Level 3 and experiment. You don’t forget that first time when your guns melt around your ears - “why am I not shooting anymore??!!!??”

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EVE functions on the principle of accumulating 5% - 20% performance bonuses from as many sources as possible, until your ship’s overall performance is 2x, 3x better than when you started. Train skills, fit appropriate modules, fly properly (correct range, etc.), these are only the beginning options for bonuses. Rigs, overheating, fleet bonuses, implants, drugs (boosters) provide significant bonuses that can’t be ignored in PVP, and certain PVE scenarios (incursions, burner missions, etc.).

It’s like playing other MMO’s with no potions, no equipment enchants, no group buffs, and no poisons on the weapons.


Please go back and read the original post, the person is not advocating the removal of overheating or it’s use from the game, they are advocating removal of the skill from the starting pool of SP for new characters and I agree with them. I have seen far to many new players burn out modules and not even know that they had overheating turned on. Overheating is best learned when a player is ready to deal with it, it should not be forced on them unknowingly at the very moment they start their first character. If the skill is going to be left in the starting pool then the tutorials etc need to be updated to cover this critical topic.

Well, I wondered why my MWD got red from time to time and showed damage percentage - I worried about having flown too sharp bends in MWD mode :smile: .
A chat with a vet opened my mind to the secrets of overheating. But you need routine to use overheat properly, like all combat moves. Thinking in battle means losing, what a harsh lesson.

Green circle vs blinking red section of a circle is a SHITTY way to give visual feedback on it. We should have the icon burst into flames, bigger and bigger flames as the module is damaged more and more, while overheating is on.

Overheating should be a mid-game concept. There should not be any reason for a new player to need to ‘experience’ it while trying to figure out which end of a mining laser you point at a rock. Add it to the Advanced Military Career at least 11/11, that way people know what is going on.

This falls under player retention. Having your ship destroyed (or the components) without being told why is a problem and a landmine for new players that needs to be disarmed.



Nonsense. This is a “protect the children” thought. One learns nothing by turning something off. It’s the coward’s way of avoiding mistakes.

Dear New Players: You will die when it’s completely off and you will die when the module burns out. The difference is that when it burns out, you’ll learn to not let it burn out eventually. When you turn it off, and the other guy has it turned on (which is super likely) you learn nothing and are more likely to explode.

OP’s opinion about it doesn’t change that learning is essential, and this suggestion does nothing but telling you to avoid mistakes by removing options, which are the fundament for learning.

Hundreds of thousands of people had to learn it eventually, and it makes zero difference if you ■■■■ it up on your first day, or after a month. The mistake will still be the same, because in both cases it’s a new thing you need to watch out for.

I remember when I was new and found an escalation in my shitfit Rupture. Couldn’t break the tank of the loot-rat. Overheating got me a 50 Mil. ISK module and I was very happy :slight_smile:

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See i agree with you to a point, however the situation was radically different in the times past when those hundreds of thousands of people learned about overheating and their path to using overheating tended to follow along these lines.
Be told about, or discover this thing called overheat.
Look into the skill to ensure they had prerequisites trained.
Go to a station and buy any and all skill books needed.
Inject any and all skills.
Go to training queue and set up a training order for those skills.
All of which meant those hundreds of thousands of people were aware of what they were doing and they actually wanted to learn to use overheat and most likely they learned along the way of the dangers to their modules associated with overheating.

For today’s new characters who are born with the overheat skill trained it is radically different and it usually goes something like this.
Click around on interface to see what all those things do accidentally turning on overheat in the process.
Since the overheat indicators are not easily identified, they are not easy to see and they are not covered very well in early game tutorials etc those new players assume nothing has happened and go on about whatever they were doing.
Then they arrive at a situation where they need guns, missiles or tank modules only to discover they do not work and wonder (often get mad as hell) as to why they do not work and what happened to them.

As I stated this I agree with you to a point, that point being that sooner or later everyone engaged in PvP activities will need to learn about overheating and most of them will make mistakes along the way that either add up to larger repair bills or to destroyed ships. I do not agree that it is better for new players to just stumble blindly into overheating because they discover their modules are burned out as a result of something they know little or nothing about.


Fair point indeed… hm.

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