QOL: Don't turn off overheat after module stops. OR. Hotkey for launching overheated module

Problem: After overheated module stops, there is no way to instantly launch it overheated again. You need couple seconds to shift-click(or press hotkey) and launch again that module. That delay can be critical in some cases (ancillary armor repairer for ex.).

QOL Ideas:

  1. Make an option for module to stay overheated after it stops. OR
  2. Make a shortcut to launch module with overheat. (It also can be made with new mouse combination like ctrl+shift + LMB = overheat and start module in 1 tick)

In low cap situations it really sucks.

+1 Especially on the shortcut to start a module overheated.

Also, while they are in the code it seems to me the response to turning on overheat has always been sluggish and unreliable.

You Shift+click on modules, when in space, to activate/deactivate overheat.

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Yes. You can shift-click to (de)activate overheat.
But that doesn’t help described problem.
Imagine you are in a tight fight. Every second counts.
You activate your overheated ancillary armor repairer(AAR), then stop it after 1st cycle to not overrepair. After that if you’ll need to repair again you have 2 options: either instantly activate AAR without overheat OR you can shift-click it, loose 1-2 seconds, and only then activate overheated AAR again.
See, there is no way to instantly activate overheated modules - that’s the problem I am talking about.

It doesn’t even take 0.5s to do Shift + Click (for pre-overheat) then Click again (module activation).

That’s where thing Salt Foambreaker was talking about comes into play.
Preheat is completely unreliable - it takes from 1 to 2 seconds for many people to turn on and off.

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