Modules not automaticly turn off when overheat isnt possible duo repair or modules overheat and turn repairing modules off automaticaly

when ever i repair my launchers and turn the hardener on overheat it will be disabled automaticaly and i nearly died duo this.

2 options:
-i would prefer it runns on with not overheating what would be logical…eve is litaly killing me here :smiley:
-what would be awesome tho is a menu with 2 buttons to decide IF i overheat a module that it automaticaly turns of the repair OR that the module continues to work without turning the repair off

Not sure I follow. are you repairing the hardener? or an adjacent module? if it is the herdener then repair has to stop when u activate it. if u are referring to a module that is now being damaged due to the hardeners damage leaking over to it, It too has to stop or u have the situation where a module is taking damage at the same time it is being repaired.

Overheating modules damage those next to it in the slot layout. to avoid your situation have the module u wish to repair at the same time two slots away from the hardener. the slot between them will act as a buffer preventing the overheat damage to leak to it.

Wait … just noticed you said launchers … your high slot modules stop repairing when u activate OH on a low slot module? if so then ignore me, have no clue. And I would file a bug report too.

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