Modules turn automaticaly off when overheating causes damage (menu)

similar to the menu that gets offered to play emergency sounds if a capacitor drops to a value set by the player i would like to have a similar option that shuts down modules in overheat status while they passing a defined therm of damage.

so for example there is the setting from 0-100% damage and when i set it to 50% all modules that pass trough 50% damage get automaticaly shut down.

Thjere could be a seccondary option if the module just should stop overheating or if it should be turned off…

grettings peace

Automated safety thresholds so that people are less likely to burn out their modules when overheating?

Where’s the fun in that?

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I will preface this by saying I never did do much PvP, however, would this not frequently be a liability in actual combat? It just seems to me that I would not be happy to have my modules shut themselves off in the middle of combat to save themselves if my ship were on the line.

I admit, I am incompetent and I would be burning out modules by accident, but I don’t see how this option would help me be a better pilot. Under what circumstances would automating heat be an advantage more than it would be a crutch?

Exactly. Who needs safety measures like gauges and seatbelts?
Look at these dummies, don’t they look like they’re having fun?

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