Module command line

EVE modules can only have 2 options: on and off. Overheat can also only be on and off. I give alternative idea for public discussion: Module command line.

I could add +1 round with heat or without heat to line. So I could have shield booster command line something like 1 round heated 1 round not heated 5 rounds heated 3 rounds not heated and then limitless not heated rounds.

Currently if you want to give module just one round with heat you need to activate heat and then activate module and then deactivate module and then deactivate heat.

Module command line would need some kind of simple interface to work naturally.

Comments are welcome for my idea!

You can turn heat on and off without turning the module off. You just have to wait till it finishes cycling to see the results

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So am I to assume you are trying to get the maximum efficiency of heated rounds and DPS? Or is this just one feature to a bigger idea like, “tuning co-processors and manual overclocking of modules, etc”?

Simple interface? Like python?

 for i in range(x):
  heated_round = true
  heated round = false

Or something similar, I guess. Like a GUI.

Not true.

Shift-click the module to toggle heat on and off. Works whether the module is active or not.

Or click the green box, or shift+hotkey, or overheat rack

Does this guy even pay eve? How has he not at least discovered one way of doing this?

Had the same idea. It would be nice if there would be a window that would show a queue of your modules cycles and other commands, kinda similar to the timeline in video editing software, in which you can overheat, turn modules on/off, enter navigation commands, give drone commands etc via drag & drop.

Wrong, heat will turn off with the module. Something I’ve always hated myself. I’d love for a heated module to stay heated until I turn heat off, whether the module is on or not.

Automatic management of your heat would be counterproductive at best. It’s all fine and good when you’re doing PVE and the content is so predictable you can literally sleep through it, but in PVP this would burn out your modules.

Other than that, micromanagement of heat is intended. It’s supposed to require more clicks, because it’s supposed to impart a significant advantage… which it does. If you could set it up to manage itself, you’ve done nothing but reduce the advantage a skilled pilot has over an unskilled pilot… which is literally the point of the game.

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