Reactor overheating, scripted power flow control

Two ideas came up while waiting in a fleet, mostly while discussing dreads (and recent Rev tweaks).
1)Reactor overheating AKA “Valhalla button”. Ability to squeeze some extra PG out of the ship at the expence of… something? Like, DoT hull damage, self-destruct activation or something. It wold require some module activation rework probably, but IMHO it is manageble.
2)Dedicated control on where you “send more power”, like “divert power to shields” or “divert power to weapons” button. Probably in a way of a Hi Slot scripted utility module, which gives some boost to low, med and high slot modules while unscripted (2-3%, or even nothing), but can be scripted to improve a specific -slot group (+20% low slot active modules efficiency), maybe at the expence of others (-20…-50 med and high slot active module efficiency). Just any way of “fine tuning” will be fun IMO.

This is a great idea, Having the ability to sacrifice multiple aspects of the ship to increase one could dynamically change the game

What do you want to do with more PG? It is not like you can refit during combat.

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Regarding the duscussion - the Rev lacks PG to online all guns after rebalance, which requires fit rework. If we alther the way onlining modules in combat works, we can use this ability to go beyound the standard limits. I knoiw this is a niche case, but it can be a fun one, especially with some ships wou expect to lose.

But to online an offline module, you would need 95% capacitor. That means you’d have to sit around not doing anything besides cap boosting for a long time.

Implants do a better job at providing the missing PG.

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That’s why i saif in the first post that it “would require some module activation rework”.
Maybe it was bad wording… i meant “module onlining”.

In my EVE Mobile vision mobile users would crew EVE ships and be able to exceed what the capsules system could do.

In this example the engineer could manage the reactor output and sacrifice whole internal systems (aka modules) if need be.

If you allow me a few hours to get some numbers, wouldn’t it be better to ask for an increase of powergrid in general?

I am sure, I can find a sweet-spot that is good for the game without making the rev too strong.

Am I correctly interpreting this as overheating effects for a whole rack, but at the expense of reduced effectiveness of another/both other racks instead of module damage for the overheated modules?

That sounds like a really tricky mechanic to balance while also keeping everything else balanced at the module and hull levels.

What are you trying to fit? I just looked at some Revelation fits and in two instances all I needed to do was to switch one module to a ‘compact’ one to have the same fit as before.

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