An idea for the energy neutralizer

What if the energy neutralizer was able to overload modules that were on overheat cycle at the moment of activation increasing their heat output .

Also it would make more sense for the energy neutralizer to be a burst of energy enveloping the targeted ship for a moment applying it’s effects , shortening out ship circuits neutralizing power from batteries and overloading modules when are on overheat cycle us means to counter overheating tactics by means of tactics .

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simply no !

I like OPs idea at first glance. It should probably be a new module that builds up to 50% or more heat to whole slot group of the targeted ship.

A few questions tho. What if you are targeted by multiple ships that tries to overheat your modules? And most engagements ends in 30 seconds or less afaik. So how fast should the heat be applied?

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Also agree on it being a new module.

If multiple modules get applied to the same target, it could just refresh the debuff on the target.

I’m thinking though, if the target isn’t overheating, the module transfers energy instead. There should also be a graphic effect around the activating ship and a 5-10 second duration before the effect is applied. (That way there is counterplay involved.)

Thank you Rtsu for your reply
I guess some over stocking penalty must apply to reduce the effects of multiple applications , besides at that point you’re dead anyway :grin: you know how it goes all it takes is few seconds if you are jumped by a small fleet you done :skull_and_crossbones::boom:
I’m sure the developers will find a way to make it to work nicely if there interested in something like that

Your question brings to light another idea that I had Emmanuel that you place either on high medium or low slot that control heat absorption just like the one you have on your computer :grin: I probably post something like that later

Hi Rail J for your reply I thought of using the power neutralizer and its effects , adding to the module overload and heating them up when in overheat only status for the reason being when you don’t overheat the module at least it has the drain of power effect , I understand what you are trying to express the idea of when modules are in overheat the power blast is absorbed by then therefore does not affect the power supply which is beautiful idea as well. :+1:

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