Adding heat sink - real ones

First off yeah I know that there already are heat sinks in game but I couldn’t find an other name for the module I’m thinking about.

The idea is to make a module that would allow for longer overheat at the cost of a slot and cargobay space.

The module would fit in high, mid and low slot and, when activated, would release a bulky ammo helping to cool rack it’s fitted in. It would have a long reload time so you couldn’t use it to prevent all overheat damages as long as you have ammunitions for it.

There would be small, medium and large versions, each using it’s own ammo. It would cost some powergrid and CPU but not too much.

What do you think about it ?


The concept sounds good, but I seriously doubt people would fit this as modules. It could be some kind of paste maybe.

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No high slot for this module and it’s fine

Only way I could see this being used is if it gave some bonus to overheating(not just duration) and used 1pg 0cpu. If so +1

I dont think it needs a cargo nerf attached to it. It’s effectively a glorified empty slot because empty slots already serve this purpose unless it actually makes overloading stronger. An extra neut, tank, web or whatever will outshine this usually. The niche would be those nun tight fits that want extra durp on their guns.

I like the idea of more heat manipulation for sure. And I’d definitely like to see what a Vedmak would look like with three of these instead of neuts if they increased overload damage.

Well if you use deadspace neuts and the faction gun, you can overheat the gun for a very long time already.

The idea is that the use of this module comes at a cost. If you make it as a paste that requires no module or slot everyone would use it on everything and that wouldn’t be intresting.

It could also give some overheat bonus other than duration that may be a good idea if raw heat damage reduction is not enough. Tho the idea is that it would allow for REALLY longer overheat and not just a few more like an empty slot would do. Already seems quite strong to me.

I also agree with Sepheir Sepheron, it’s true that needing a slot is already enough and that it doesn’t need to be super cargo hungry so regular, low volume ammo or just nanite paste should work.

The idea isn’t to make a super duper core module but rather an extra utility. For instance, instead of adding a neut on your already very cap hungry active tank you could slap this instead, or instead of adding an other EANM that won’t give you much because stacking penalty you could add this and heat your armor repairer for ages.

In the end I think that the whole overheat mechanic is nice but old and deserve some love and fresh features and this module could be it.

I liked the system for dumping heat from mwll. You had a limited capacity of coolant which you could dump strategically in tough fights to stay online.

…or your mwd for more than 4 cycles.

Yeah whatever that’s up to you, but that would be imo an good utility and not always outclassed by neuts or webs.

Restrict this to mid and low slots, those are usually more important than utility high slots except in niche cases (ships built around neut/nos)

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