'Emergency' Special Purpose Tanking Modules- for Advanced combat utility and Transport

Hello everyone,

I’m here to suggest a new set of tank modules intended for all purposes. The general idea is a suite of modules that add a very short (as in 1 to 5 second(s) range) damage reduction or pseudo-invulnerability while not directly hindering mobility. If implemented, they could serve a wide role of purposes from Hisec softening to PvP augmentation. Even the rats can benefit from them.
These are intended to be a limited functionality and/or ‘advanced strategic implementation’ version of the ‘Damage Control Modules’ available to Assault ships for every ship to use.

  • Possible Strategic uses for any or all module types-
    In Highsec on a cargo vessel to prevent instant kills by gankers
    In fleet ops on an assault ship or more junker cruiser to get on top of a hostile for just a little longer
    in fleet ops on a command ship as a possible defense against ‘heat-shots’
    in any smaller vessel to protect against insta-pops
    in PvE missions as a foil for new mission types (such as interference or spacial anomaly running)
    during mining on a collection craft to protect against damage clouds
    during mining in hisec to increase a ships survival

From here on I will offer some thoughts and suggestions for the sake of discussion. It is up to the community and CCP to decide if these would work. If this module group is of any interest, please read on!

  • High slot - Projectors
    High yield and very high power projectors create a thick ‘hard light’ barrier around the operating ship.
    By giving up offense a player could gain a short term damage mitigation. Module must be activated manually on nearly all ships.
    Intent; Trade offense for defense, Gain a 1 to 5 second period of invulnerability for a severely long ‘recharge period’ before it can be used again. One time ‘panic’ button.
    The modules also come with penalties during and after use. For instance:
    weapons cannot be fired from inside while active (most forms of EWar still function on both sides), target lock is slowed by some percentage for the operator, after use the ships capacitor recharge rate is penalized by 50% or more as the module tries to recharge itself (can be toggled off, or set to ‘Do not Autocharge’)
    (Module may need special charges for balance.)

  • Mid Slot- Shield Bunkers
    By overpowering a ships shield emitters (often to the point of damage) a short term shield extension or hardening effect could be applied. Takes 15 or more minutes to recharge
    Comes in 2 versions;
    Extension- adds a short term buff to maximum and current shield amount by pumping a large chunk of the ships capacitor into the emitters. Percentage based for PvP combat versions and large flat value for transports or mission runners. May cause damage to hull points or penalize shield recharge rate/value or capacitor size after use.
    Hardeners- by modulating the emitters frequency rapidly a short term severe damage resistance bonus is applied. Will only raise resistances to a max of 95%. Penalizes shield amount while active and resistance amounts by a percentage value during recharge/repair.

  • Low Slots- Sacrificial Armor
    Outfitting the entire ship with a secondary armor skin can be a costly, but effective defensive measure. These modules provide a lot of extra armor or resistance compared to their specially shaped and re-usable counterparts but cannot be repaired and penalize a ships targeting and tracking abilities across the board. (may or may not come with a propulsion booster system to prevent speed penalties.)
    Comes in 2 versions-
    External armor. More or less thick plates of metal stacked (or duct-taped) over the existing shell. Provides effectively a large second armor ring that is completely destroyed should it be lost. If only partially damaged they can be repaired in station.
    Armor Foam Wash. Large liquid tanks are carefully placed on the hull for proper coverage. once manually activated they release a highly reactive foam across the armors surface. Increases armor resistances severely until the foam coating hardens or sloughs off. Cannot be reloaded in space
    (module parts/charges must be manufactured)

  • Variations
    All of the above modules should have a direct and remote use version. A remote version could open up another role in fleet combat that focuses on escort or emergency response. For instance, a ship (or wing) that will run between a friendly station to reset the equipment and the battlefield to keep key units alive or allow the field repairers a break while a unit is encased. Units can also be used offensively (at penalties) for a very short lockdown.
    All modules could have a variety of faction versions that emphasize one thing over another depending on faction values. I.E. the Amarrian ‘Armor Shell’ severely increasing it’s extra health ring
    Tech 2 modules could include ECM effect(s) on top of their standard emergency modes. Such as warp stabilization.

  • Survival Rigs- The All-In
    Intended to be an advanced branch of rigs for the use with these modules. These rigs can reduce the penalty of the above modules effects, or increase their effect at a very small increase in the drawback.
    There could be an ‘advanced’ version of these rigs as well. With elements that completely remove a ships shields to focus entirely on armor. Or the opposite.

  • Ship Suggetions and implementation
    Responders- A class of ship that is equipped to minimize the penalty of a certain type of module to increase it’s ability to support a fleet action. For instance:
    A frigate that can fit 2 ‘Remote Projectors’ and increase their effective range. It is fast, and fit to tackle an opposing DPS for 2 seconds or escape and reset the modules cooldown at a friendly outpost.
    A cruiser that can fit 3-4 ‘remote Foam armor washers’ and increases their carriable charges by 1 (for a total of 6 uses).
    A battleship that (with the use of a Rig) can run 1 ‘Remote Shield Bunker extension’ every 5 minutes or so.
    Advanced Command ships that have an extra slot of the appropriate type to fit an emergency module and reduce it’s penalty. (as a soft counter to head shots)
    A capital ship with a module similar to the ‘Triage Module’ and some specialty high slot equipment that has a 3-5 minute use cycle time that allows it to act as a refreshing station for the emergency equipment.
    Advanced Industrial ships that have the Projector on at all times (any damage will destabilize the projection and begin the 2 second timer.) Or have the foam tanks as part of their hull design. Or have redundant shield emitters. all of which have bonuses to their chosen effect.

That is all I considered at this time. I do believe there is a lot of potential in these components. It will be up to the community now to see if we can draw that potential out.

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Take your “get out of PvP” module elsewhere.


good news everyone

its already in game and for balance reason only useable on certain ships

“Assault damage control” for Hac’s and Assault frigates look it up :]

We already have this junk for afs and hacs

Other burst-tank modules include the ancillary shield boosters and armor repair. A heated ancillary on a DST creates a massive tank. Still not much help unless you have backup but, in highsec, CONCORD is never more than 20 seconds away.

That’s funny.

OP, Try looking into

I was getting into Ideas with how to create surprises and modular subsystems to improve ships capability’s. (Specifically survival attributes)

Maybe you would like to give it a gander? :slight_smile:

Any Ideas on how to make the concept work or inspire more easily implemented or game changing mechanics will possibly aid in the accomplishment of what you want to accomplish.
In a roundabout manner, While also shaking up the game dynamic a bit.

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I have received a notification for this. That is all. Please go on. : - )

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Awoken* :stuck_out_tongue: And in that context its usually slumber : ]



Falcon Punch:
"Why should CCP provide protection for your haulage in high sec?

CONCORD offer a level of deterrent just the same as any law enforcement agency, but as with any police for they’re reactive and punitive rather than proactive.

If you want your haulage to be safer, bring the guns. If you don’t have any guns, sacrifice some of your profit margin and hire someone who has them to escort you.

Welcome to New Eden, you just learned a very valuable lesson in being prepared and covering your back.




Why should High Sec gankers be able to freely gank freighters and the like but are not required to war dec corporations using freighters as a means of using the war dec to attack the freighters?

CCP has made it too easy for High Sec gankers to gank. But when an idea that involves CODE gankes having to war dec their targets then it is a bad idea because the freighter pilot now has a module that keeps a gank from taking place.

A Low Slot module could be a Propulsion Upgrade that functions similar to how a web stasifier is used to send a freighter into insta-warp.

Without CODE being able to gank using their bump ships CODE would have to take war decs out on the freighters and then use actual PvP mechanics to attack the freighters. War Decing the freighter that is in a corporation would then allow the corporation to attack CODE and defend their assets which would cause CODE to fit their ships with actual PvP modules in order to complete the attack instead of simply warping in and ganking the target.

Such a module however would only be available to freighter pilots that are part of a corporation and could not be used on freighters that are part of a NPC corporation.

Only a moronic player would use a freighter pilot in a player-corp. Cant wardec NPC corps.


I forgot to say thanks. Thanks! My ego is fine, so I appreciate corrections. : - )


First, let me fantasize a bit: consider a freighter with a lot of valuable cargo to be a money transporter/armored car. They also don’t have paladin panic bubbles and in theory could be blown up and looted before any police arrives. This would of course be different with an escort. This is what you do when the transport is REALLY valuable/important. You bring an escort.

Also, there already are modules like remote shield boosters - bring an escort.

Or you could have someone gank the gankers right during their attack - yees, exactly: bring an escort. My, you really are a learning quickly :smile:

But I also think your idea has some merit. A broader spectrum of remote support could add some interesting variations to battles. Imagine modules using the same effects as command burst modules - just as directed versions aimed at one single important target ship and a bit stronger than the AOE command bursts (they could even use the same charges and skills as the command modules).
Yes, yes, and stacking penalties apply, maybe not all the currently existing burst effects should be available etc. etc. (details :smile:)
But this would still mean - you certainly already guessed it - bring an escort.

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That is just crazy talk! An escort? Why, HS should be safe, a PvP free zone.


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