Command ship fleet-wide resist module

Command ships (t2 battlecruisers) should get a new anti-gank module that gives their fleet resists for a short time, maybe like a cross between a rorqual’s PANIC module and an assault damage control.
The module would take a high power slot and use most of the command ship’s capacitor, and maybe a portion of the capacitor from every ship in fleet and on grid with the command ship. The module would make up to fifty ships in the fleet unable to warp, cloak, or shoot for thirty seconds, while giving them an 80% resist bonus for that time.
After the module finishes its cycle, it will burn out like a PANIC and need to be repaired in a station. It should be limited to one per command ship, none on any other ship, and use low CPU and PWG but have high volume so it cannot easily fit in the cargohold of a command ship.

maybe a 20 or 25 pilot minimum also to stop people from using this to save a single ship without blocking all their friends from shooting and warping

There are already mods that improve fleet survivability. Armor Command Bursts can be loaded with Armor Energizing Charges and Armor Reinforcement Charges, which improve Armor Resists and Armor HP respectively. Shield Command Bursts can be loaded with Shield Harmonizing Charges and and Shield Extension charges, which improve shield resists and shield HP respectively.

Burst strength is influenced by hull bonuses, command burst tech level, player skill level of the relevant command specialist skill, and mindlink implants.

Some players, such as myself, will use a mix a tactics and fitting choices in order to reduce the chances of being ganked to damn near zero… But, that requires too much effort. Why should I have to learn all that stuff, when CCP can reduce a mod that let’s me negate the risk of ganking with a press of a button. I mean, gankers are just cyberbullies anyway, and ganking is ruining an otherwise amazing game. So, let’s drop an atom bomb on the play style, and turn Eve into a more casual experience.

And if the gankers complain, remind them that they can still gank solo and/or afk players… for now.

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