New Feature Mechanic/Modules - Shield Resist Disruptors

A Perfectly Scathing Idea … hopefully its original

Ability to effect another player’s shield resists either to help or hinder.

Similar to weapon disruption or remote logi. A module with the ability to reduce a target shield’s resist Profile.

In the same way various flavors of ECM jam certain type of sensor suites, u can have 4 racial variations for the resists and a less effective omni version?

And/Or like Logistics you can buff a players shields resists. This also can be applied to command bursts. this would allow fleet wide effects and on the fly change in effect.

The counter could be a low slot module that provide some nullification of such effects (or even an increase in effect?). [Low slot to allow use on freighters and other noncombat ships, yet require loss of an important low slot module for combat ships). Or make it a rig only version.

You can also make the use of such a module dangerous, like causing its own resists to drop to zero while in use (similar to the use of polarized weapons).

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The devil will be in the details, but adding more actions in EWAR is a good intention.

and… in Star Trek they slide the frequency to reduce the strength of various shields encountered. :wink:

Or just nerf the Damnation, Vulture, Onyx and Gurista line. Much easier this way.

Haha. The nerf bat solves everything, right?