Capital sized ewar modules

Projectors aside, I’d like to see capital exclusive ewar mods that can go through ordinary ship resistances such as resistance bonuses offered by a dreadnoughts siege module, bastions module immunity to remote dampening/disruption and tactical destroyer resistance. These would certainly spice up armor compositions of capitals.

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The only shield comp I’ve ever heard of that doesn’t get laughed at is rorquals (and even then… it’s always fun to watch one of those eat a bag of dicks). Armor comps don’t need spicing up as much as shield comps do (which mids are already at a premium for shield comps).

That and I’d be worried about completely devaluing burst projectors.

What do you think about a script for burst projectors that works like a HIC script… you can either script for area bursts or have one scripted that ignores resistances? I’d probably be pretty broken or pretty useless either way, but it feels more workable.

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