Command damage control

  1. Remove flag ship
  2. Can be fitted to command destroyer and command ship

Command damage control II

passive = same as original DCU

Active = (80% resist)
(-25% sig radius)
(120seconds cycle time)
(immune to ewar)
(damage output = 1)
( cooldown 60 seconds )

or something like that…


What is the rationale behind this suggestion? What failings in the flag cruiser do you feel are addressed with this alternative?

  • This will allow FC’s to continue to use their command ships as per normal, as intended.
  • This will prevent headshoting
  • This will take away the need for a niche ship that no one will use. (only in the rarest of cases)
  • This falls in line with the recent ADC changes

Why not mix both idea’s and turn the flag cruiser into a module that when fit on any ship in eve disables all turrets(including mining)/launcher’s/reps/drones and provides more ehp and resistance’s in exchange. This way it is not narrowed down to super large fleets and would work with frig fleet’s, desi fleets, covert opp’s fleets and so on.

Would be awsum if an fc could fc from a buffed up command desi being able to not get head shot and still able to move his fleet around with mjd and keep up with small ships.

(And the module will be in effect even if it is offlined)

I like it myself, too bad this couldn’t be fitted to mining ships to fight ganking, but of course, we couldn’t do that, gankers would sob.

Lets not give every ship a Invuln-mode. Lets let the Assault Ships have there fun and lets find new fun this for other hulls. Neither the CS or the CD are the place to keep adding new things as these ships are already swiss army knives when it comes to there uses. Monitor seems to completely fill the gap that this suggestion does. If you want to fly a command ship as an FC you still can and make it insanely tanky.

His inability to understand the intended purpose of the flag cruiser.


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