Frigate fc ship idea

a frigate fc ship that allows frigate fleet mates to gain bonus to speed and signature radius while anchored up on your ship, at the cost of being unable to use any weapon systems while anchored (including drones), one would have to peel off from the chain to use weapons. alternatively one must offline weapons while anchored and then online them when you want to break formation

A Command Destroyer with Skirmish Command Bursts?

Bonus: Micro jump field generator…

Why would anyone ever use anything like this?

You are asking people to completely disable their ships while in a fleet. What is the point of being faster and harder to hit if you are unable to actually DO anything? What possible benefit does this provide over the already mentioned command destroyer with appropriate bursts?

Do you know how onlining mods in space actually works?

So you can still be shot but you can’t shoot back? How is this useful exactly?

The command destroyers fill that role perfectly and bite.

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