Marauder / Bs temp use of frigate while in bastion. Ideas?

Pretty simple idea.
Jump into the frigate you are in your Battleship/Marauder,
kill some frigs, whilst your Bs / Marauder is tanking / launching automissiles , if it can,
sciript defence, like cycle shield / armor / hull repairer when more then 50% damage…

Jump into your frigate, kill whatever you need, or scan down down wormholes, then get back in your
Bs, Marauder.


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+1 from me.

Has the risk that if you forget to target your Marauder with your frig, then someone else might warp in and board the Marauder, which is a good risk.

Not sure how CCP would go implementing a system where your skill bonuses (eg. fitting bonuses from engineering skills) would still apply to the ship even after you eject and for modules to keep cycling/firing, but if they could figure that out, it would be a good additional unique role bonus for Marauders in my view.

I like this, but make it another t2 hull and allow us to use any t2 frigs in the frig bay

I could imagine various scenarios:

A Pvp fight, instead of blowing up the ship, a special Pvp module, a Pirate boarding module, then you need a boarding party, mercs, etc, to initiate something like a data scan, to breach not the hull, which is kept at 1% when this module is active, and then it could be possible to hack into the captured ship system.

How would one pilot a second ship at the same time that is piloting its ship without an alt.
Multicrew ships? That is one option.
Another could be another module that could tow the captured ship.
Another could be some special ships, new Hull, something like the Bowhead, or smallers, that could
eat the ship once hacked.

On the defence side, one could choose to blow the ship up, or could try to counter hack.
A sort of minigame would be cool, something like Alpha go…

If someone would try to hack the system whilst you are active in your frigate, your ship
could or could not have an active hacker defence system, that is the mini game.
The minigame itself could be loaded with various Ai scripts, to beef up its capabilities…

Brute force would be another method, exactly how, I don’t know, mainly bc in one scenario, it is
still possible to play the game with pure tactics, on the other end, it would be more action-like?
And much like the captain quarter, it wouldn’t make much sense without altering the base game
to something many would most likely dislike.

But if shields are up, it could not be possible to just jump in the enemy ship.
The whole concept is very intriguing…

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