Any use for battleships in Hisec?

A few years back, I used to hang in Nullsec, fight wars, full industrialist etc, but that became a second job. Gave it up. Coming back to the game with limited time so going to hang in HI/Losec. I’m wondering what to use some of my old gear for. Like, the doctrine T1 battleships I have. Any PvE that makes sense for them? TIA!

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Level 4 missions are made for battleships.

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OK, that works, I was going to start running some missions, thanks!

BS’s are used for missions, incursions, live events, and FOB’s. However, most will roll with pirate BS’s, Marauders (which were buffed, and are now the new hotness), or HAC’s.

Speaking of which, T1 battleships have gotten a few buffs since you were away (i.e increase to HP, frigate escape bay, and warp speed increase [note that not all of these buffs were limited to T1 battleships]), and, iirc, I think a recent devblog briefly mentioned them getting another buff of some kind. But don’t quote me on that.


Welcome back.

Level 4 missions would be a good fit for your battleships.

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QFI :smiley: .

(you are right BTW)

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thanks all, yeah, some new stuff indeed, the frigate escape is pretty cool. I can see some interesting gameplay if they allow cloaking the BS. THanks SHipwreck, I will check out Marauders.

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