Escape frigates use and Nestor

Ok so, I have this battleship with an Escape Frigate bay. My question is: It is possible to leave the battleship in the escape frigate, roll around a bit, and then return to the ship?

My reason of asking this is because I had the little thinking that a Nestor have a Frigate bay, so there I could place a ship (Echelon) that have the analyzers, so I could prioritize hhe Nestor for scanning and defences, so I would like to also have feedback for this idea.

Yes you can eject your pod or your frigate from your ship, but this is not without danger: if someone manages to find your unmanned battleship they can board and steal it.

I don’t know if the Echelon can fit in a frigate bay, not every frigate fits.

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I strongly suggest some scouting and intelligence to protect your gear. This is very shiny prey for hunters.
Doing all the hacking in a T2 Exploring frig may be a bit harder, but the loss is less expensive. Even a Stratios or a T3 Cruiser is very vulnerable while hacking, and an abandoned Nestor doesn’t protect you at all.
So the Echelon is a cool ship when your base is nearby and you have eyes around.

If while combat probing a wormhole with a T3D I found an unmanned Nestor, I would eject from my ship, board the Nestor, and haul ass back to high sec to sell it off. Or keep it as a trophy in the hangar. :trophy:

Sounds like a great idea OP, thanks in advance for the free Nestor!


I’ll let you know when im exploring with the Nestor this way :wink:

I think he’s more interested where you explore with the Nestor this way. :wink:

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