Frigate Escape Bay - Feedback Thread

Good day,

As announced last week, the Frigate Escape Bay will be shortly available for testing on our Singularity Test Server. Please check the news item for more information about the functionality of this new feature, and use this thread for your feedback.



We will add the most common questions with answers from the development team here.



Once we put the frigate in the bay, will it be stuck there until the batteship is destroyed, or will we be able to move it out like it’s the case with ship maintenance bays? Will there be any restrictions on what can be in frigate’s cargo?

You can move it in and out as you wish, and the same cargo limitations that apply to ships in the SMA/SMB apply to the frigate bay

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Hi folks!
So that you are aware of what is intended and whats not, here is the design of the Escape Bay feature, which should hopefully answer most of your questions :slight_smile:

  • A player is able to place one of a selected list of assembled frigates ( Frigate/Assault Frigate/Ewar Frigate/Logistics Frigate ) into the Escape Bay.
  • The frigate’s cargo hold may only have the following items: Boosters, Charges, Nanite Paste, Ozone, Strontium, Subsystems
  • All Battleships , Marauders , and Black Ops have the Escape Bay.
  • Only 1 , assembled frigate can be placed into the Escape Bay at any time.
  • Only frigates that you have the skills to fly can be placed into the Escape Bay.
  • When the battleship is destroyed if the player has a frigate in the Escape Bay, the player will appear in space in the frigate instead of in a pod .
  • Attempting to board an unpiloted Battleship with an empty Escape Bay in space while in a frigate, will board the battleship and place the frigate in the Escape Bay
  • If the Escape Bay of the battleship is full, the player will board the battleship and leave the his/her frigate in space .
  • The same will occur when attempting to board an empty battleship in space while having non-allowed cargo in the frigate .
  • The fit of the frigate in the Escape Bay doesnt show up on Killmails , but the frigate itself does.
  • You cannot place a Battleship with a Frigate in the Escape Bay into a Ship Maintenance Array/Bay.


Well, that is going to be annoying. Now the game won’t just bicker because you forgot a module in the cargo of a ship but also because of ships in a ship. In light of ever more additions of things that you CANNOT store in an SMA/B, CCP should really work on a solution to allow the automatic transfer of not allowed items into the item/shiphangar of a station or cargobay/fleethangar of a ship.


Will the escape frigate be stationary when ejected, or will it be ejected at a certain speed? Is there any sort of immunity timer after being ejected?


Can the frigate be undocked from the battleship and used at any time while in space, or is it only useable in the case of your battleship’s destruction?


Looks like he answered that one already. Kick it out whenever.

Not sure if I’m pro or con on this, will have to see it live first

Guess people will just use it with a max stabbed frigate, to save their implants, unless those modules would be limited in some way. Or can see people killing their own wreck, to prevent others from getting anything

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Any plans for those using SMB/SMAs to auto move the frigate over first before attempting to store the battleship or perhaps provide an action prompt to either eject the frigate or store it?

During testing, while undocked in a battleship I did not see an option to eject the frigate by dragging it out into space or via right click context menu.

Did I miss something?

If you are undocked in a BS with a frigate in the Escape Bay, when you choose to eject, you will eject in the frigate.


But can you launch the frigate or scoop one if you don’t have one loaded, as you can from an SMA/B? That’s what your earlier statement seemed to indicate, but your latest one appears to go the other way.

Oh, hey, another thought:

If you have a frigate in your escape bay when you get CONCORDed… do they blow up the frigate, too?


Escape Bay on a battleship, what a ridiculous idea.
I could understand if it was on a titan, super, fax, rorqual, even a carrier because most of those pilots need expensive implants so a way to try & save your pod would be a good idea.
Getting rid of titans, supers & rorquals would fix this stagnate game in a heart beat plus titans/supers have no real prepose in the game & rorquals have killed/made exhumers/barges obsolete.
Classic CCP out of ideas & grasping at straws.
CCP just do what needs to be done… everyone knows what it is… JUST DO IT

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It blatantly doesn’t even work for that. The place where you find most of those ships is nullsec. If capitals are dying in null, it’s a sure bet there are bubbles on the field. So your frigate’s not getting out, either, because it can’t be a covops, and it can’t be bubble-immune.

That said, I don’t know why you insist only capitals use implants. I’m flying with a full set in my Magus. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re a GOON, nothing you say is relevant because your are the other big problem in the game. The Alliance that’s to scared to fight anyone solo so you BIG BLUE DONUT most of the EVE universe. The games on life support anyway… Its only a matter of time.

Why would I want to fight someone solo? This is an MMO. I’m here for the multiplayer part. I enjoy doing things with my friends, on a scale that will be significant and memorable to us, instead of pathetic little nonsense like solo pvp. I mean, good god, solo crap? How incredibly dull.

But, you know, I’m just one of thousands of people out here in null who want supers and titans fixed or removed. They’re killing our game a lot more than they’re killing the meaningless little solo ganker crap, and the only reason most of them even exist at this point is that CCP’s made them necessary if you want to hold space.

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You clearly have a reading problem.
I didn’t say you, I said your alliance.

That we can agree on

And it’s just as untrue in that context. We’re currently up north fighting Horde, NCdot, PL, TEST, Brave, FRT… but you know how full of crap you are. You were in Kenshin when we came down to Querious in 2015 with 300 guys and fought your whole coalition to a standstill.

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