Dear CCP, I Have A Suggestion For You

Please dear god please, let me put a Pacifier in the frigate escape bay of my Marshal, its the only frigate that actually makes sense to be inside a Marshal, and surely 1 minor exception to the rule for what could be seen as lore reasons should be allowed, pretty please?

I will <3 you forever if you let me


Just to solve what appears to be a point of confusion, the Pacifier is the concord cov ops frigate, its not the same thing as the Purifier which is a stealth bomber

Is not

Also, its worth remembering you already CAN put an Astero inside one, so you can already fit a cov ops in there anyway on a technicality

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Oh yes, let’s make an OP exception for an OP ship to have another OP ship hiding inside it :upside_down_face:

There is no need for this, nor would it enhance gameplay, but it could introduce balancing issues, along with “fairness” issues due to its complete and total lack of necessity. Marshal is Blops - do other Blops get to have Stealth Bombers stashed inside them? No? Then the Marshal doesn’t get any.

Well, no … but they should?

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There is no need for this, nor would it enhance gameplay, but it would introduce major imbalances into fleet battles, so absolutely not.

Fleets of Marshals? Sounds like something CCP should encourage.

How exactly does having a cov ops frigate as an escape ship cause balance issues exactly, or are you thinking the Pacifier is something it isn’t? are you thinking Purifier which is a stealth bomber?

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Pacifier isn’t a stealth bomber its a cov ops frig :stuck_out_tongue:

How exactly does having a barely-armed frigate to escape into introduce balance issues? Especially when you can already take a covert ops frigate that is more effective on the battlefield? The only thing this change would do, aside from fitting the background fiction, is maybe make it a little bit easier to save your pod.

I don’t think you can, I haven’t tried though.

The astero can already be used as an escape frigate, which is the one i assume he is talking about, and it has less requirements than other cov ops frigs anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Correct. You can already take the more effective of the two, so what benefit is there to the Pacifier other than a lore thing?

In what way?

It matching my ship is the only reason i would want to take it, i mean if its less effective than the cov ops i can already take i’m not seeing it as an issue, i have an angel frig in my mach as an escape frigate etc, but i can’t use a frigate from the same line in my marshal and that makes me sad :frowning:

Oh no I’m talking about BLOPS specifically.
The marshal can fall apart for all I care.

Iirc BLOPS are still â– â– â– â– , no?

It was just an analogy (should have worded that differently). You want the Pacifier the same way others want SBs in at least one hull category.

Save for a few configurations (eg. CAPWAR), Astero is hardly a game-changer on the battlefield, and basically anything that Astero can do combatwise other ships can do better. The only thing the covert cloak is good for in the middle of a battle is to flee. What? You’re going to cloak, reposition, and ambush an enemy in the middle of battle with an Astero? You’re better off diving right into the middle of the fight with a different ship. The Astero is permitted because hardly OP.

By contrast… The Pacifier can fit a covert cyno. Yeah, that’s a problem. The last thing a BS should be able to do after being destroyed is to continue to be able to function as a cyno in frigate form, especially when the frigate has insane survivability due to being super fast (agility + warp speed bonuses) + having a covert cloak (w/ short cloak reactivation delay) + rep bonuses + relatively good combat bonuses (esp. dogfighting).

I like the idea.

Definitely adds more immersion to the lore of the game.

Why is that a problem? By the time you have battleships on the field you’ve already jumped in your fleet and don’t need the cyno anymore. And anyone using frigates as cyno ships already has a plan to replace them for the next battle.

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Chances are if you sent in a marshal something else or the marshal itself has already bridged in numerous ships able to light that cyno anyway, lots of them even harder to pin down than a pacifier as a strategic cruiser can just ignore bubbles while being a lot harder to kill, if a pacifier lights a cyno its going to be a pretty expensive cyno, so no i don’t personally see that as enough of a reason to disallow the marshal to fit a pacifier, or really for any of the other blops to be able to fit a covert frig

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The Marshal and the Pacifier must have the same SKIN applied in order to do this. Without this rule it would be chaos.


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