+1 Utility High Slot on the Pacifier

So, the pacifier. Cool looking ship, awesome unique role bonus…but IMO it is hampered as a covert ops outside because it lacks a utility high-slot. My main issue is that the pacifier has a probing bonus but no slots to fit a probe launcher???

If the point of it is as a covert ops, it fails because it cannot probe. If it the point is solely as a warp-speed tackler, why does it have the probing bonus? And for that role, you are better off sticking hyperspatial rigs on an interceptor, which (with the scram range bonus) arguably has a better bonus set to fulfill that role. If it must be covert ops, a hyperspatial astero fulfills that role better still because it applies more DPS and also has a utility high for a neut (and is less than half the price).

I think it could really benefit from an extra utility high slot. This will allow you to fit a probe launcher and a cloak, or a cloak and a small neut if you do not need to probe (which is the same as a combat non-probing astero fit). The DPS capability will still come in below an astero, so what you end up with is a trade off where you lose some of the DPS of an astero for a slightly tankier/faster ship.

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