Covert Ops Frigate (Not Bombers)

The Covert Ops scanning ship has traits for 4 different high slot items:

  1. Weapon
  2. Scan Probe Launcher
  3. Covert Cyno
  4. Cloak

However depending on faction they have 2-3 high slots; especially the ships with 2, that just doesn’t even make sense.

I think they should look at bumping the high slots to 4, at least 3.

That’s what the Pacifier is for…
it’s just a li’l expensive :wink:

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That could be a case for someone who wants 4 high slots. But the ships with just 2 high slots are IMHO not even able to do their role.

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Can’t disagree with that. 3 highslots is suitable for most of their intended roles.

Also the Hydra…

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pretty sure they can all do their intended role with just two.

I’ve always seen the weapon bonuses on CovOps frigates as kind of superfluous. Instead of upping their high slot count, I say CCP gets rid of those bonuses and adds ones that are more useful for their roles in scouting and hacking.

Possible replacement bonuses would include:

Reduction in Core and Combat Scanner Probe scan time (unique bonus)
Reduction in Core and Combat Scanner Probe scan deviation (unique bonus)
Reduction in Cyno duration (shared with Force Recons, but should be a weaker bonus)
Increase in cloaked speed (shared with BlackOps, but should be a weaker bonus)

Viola! CovOps are more useful and don’t need an extra high slot.

Except they don’t need a buff at all… the current bonuses are superfluous but they are not there in place of ones that could be there if they were gone they are just there for flavor/the fun of it. they are not the only ships that have this. Look at the SOE BB as another example of useless bonuses that are there more for theme than anything.

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Wrong. Combat Scout (unarmed):

  • Cloak
  • Probe Launcher
  • Covert Cyno


  • Cloak
  • Probe Launcher
  • Weapon

don’t need a weapon to do exploration. don’t need a cloak and a probe to be a combat scout

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Right. I wasn’t going for a buff so much as swapping out superfluous weapon bonuses. The ones I picked happen to align with their primary roles.

Who needs a probe when you have local, oh wait :rofl:

Now you are going to say we can fly around hitting V key.

Cloaks are overrated, they are for people who undock.

If you think you need all 3 then there are ones with all 3 of you want more mids for better site running then there are ones with an extra mid. The wonder thing about eve is choice

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