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Unfortunately the 3rd high would give it the ability to have a neut as well which would make it op, unless maybe it looses a mid slot for it.

But since Astero is the only decent exploration frig it would open up a lot of opportunities for cyno drops.

I wish more that the other covert t2 frigs could fight as well as the Astero to make things more interesting.

Why does it need a third high to be allowed to use a covert cyno.
Why not leave it slot restricted and allow covert cyno use?

Maybe I misunderstand what you mean by this, but how does fitting a covert cyno make gates optional?

A covert cyno allows covops ships to jump through to the cyno (which an Astero can already do by taking a bridge from a covops ship). It doesn’t act as a jump drive.

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for probe launcher, covert cloak and the 3rd will be for the covert cyno.

The point was, why do you need to get everything you want conveniently. Why not just 2 high slots so you have to make some choices.
The Cyno is about pulling ships to you after all, so why make it easy.

thanks for clearing

I’m just being selfish mate :joy:

Then… the answer is going to be a hard no to the idea.
Because CCP doesn’t accommodate selfish ideas.

yeah that’s true. Just as those asking cloaky camping to be nerf.

A covert cyno ship for 2 Frigate skills at L1? Surely you are jesting.

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I doubt if CCP will consider this. It’s just an Idea or imagined by me that I know will not be welcomed by the developers. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just make it reasonable like -1 mid +1 high and ccp will be like sure lets consider it, -1 mid means less cap stability and astero vs astero wont be a 10 minute fight where either side brings in friends first.

which sounds reasonable to me winning a 1v1 is much more fun than calling in friends.

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Out of interest what do cov-ops ships need do you think before you would fly those rather?

If you want a ship that can warp cloaked, scan and put a covert cyno up then have a look at an Anathema, or any of the other Covert Ops frigates (except the Helios)
They have three high slots already and about half the price. And you’ve trained most of the skills for an Anathema if you’re already flying a covert cloak fitted Astero. And you’ll get better scanning performance.

Eve is about making choices:
Are you going to be a covert scout for a fleet? or
Are you going to be a solo explorer in dangerous places?

Make a choice, live with the consequences. That’s Eve.
Turning the Astero into a “universal does everything frigate” feels wrong because it takes choice away.

And suggesting “let’s just turn the Astero into another Covert Scout” is really saying “I want to remove an option from other players”.

I have both an Anathema and a Astero. They are fitted for different jobs. And I rarely use the Astero; I much prefer flying an optimised covert scout. Fly with cunning. It’s harder to do that in the Astero, the bonuses are weaker.
The pure stealthy explorer is the realm of the Helios - no ability to call friends, but that extra mid-slot is useful.


Closed at the request of the OP.

Fly safe o/

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