This seems like an exploit

I have been able to put my frigate into any open battleship on the field and I thought the intention was to be another ship in the event you are in a fight. This seems like you should eject in a pod and not the frigate.

Not an exploit; working as intended. When you eject from a battleship in space - voluntarily or because it went boom - you are placed in the frigate in the escape bay (if one is present). Frigates can also be loaded into the escape bay of assembled but unpiloted battle ships that have been left in space. It doesn’t matter if it is a ship you left, a ship your alliance kicked out into space for you to reship into, or a ship dropped by a structure bash - just how it doesn’t matter when boarding a ship in space from your pod.

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I think it should matter. Or it would be called frigate fleet hanger and not ESCAPE bay. You want to stick your frigate in it in space, sure I can see that. But what I don’t see is how when you eject you come out in the frigate and not the pod.

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Because that is the purpose of the entire mechanic. It isn’t a fleet bay because nobody else can access it when you are in the ship - only the pilot of the battleship can exit into the frigate.
Here is the devblog for their release; here is the feedback thread from testing where the devs further clarified intended behaviors.

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The Frigate Escape Bay is a special bay capable of holding a single, fitted Frigate that will be added to all Battleships. Should the Battleship be destroyed, instead of being ejected in your capsule and left helpless, you will launch immediately back into combat aboard your Frigate! (Dev Blog)

When the battleship is destroyed if the player has a frigate in the Escape Bay, the player will appear in space in the frigate instead of in a pod . (@CCP_Deadlift)

He does respond with: You can move it in and out as you wish, and the same cargo limitations that apply to ships in the SMA/SMB apply to the frigate bay.
But that response is the a question about is it stuck in the escape bay. I don’t think they figured coming in and out of it like this. You should eject in the pod just like every other ship. This ejection doesn’t even qualify of the new graphics of the ship being launched/stored from a MX bay. If this was intended I’d image they would have set these graphic improvements to apply to this ejection also. But they don’t.

Kinda seems like their intentions was an escape bay from a fight and not an MX bay you can salvage your site or scan down players or anomalies by swapping between the two ships.

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Not an exploit. If you think it is, report it as such. You shouldn’t come here detailing what could be an exploit even if it actually is an exploit. You should report it.

Not an exploit and just flavour text around it being an escape bay. Players have always been able to find new ways to use mechanics.

If you don’t want your BS to be vulnerable to being boarded while salvaging, just target it and a third party can’t board it.

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This change will shake up the Battleship meta of EVE Online and open up new and exciting tactical options for crafty players to use! It can also give Capsuleers a chance to stay in the fight longer… unless you opt to use your nimble ship to escape from the battlefield and leave your fleetmates to their fate!

Devblog - Bold mine.

If you are undocked in a BS with a frigate in the Escape Bay, when you choose to eject, you will eject in the frigate.

Feedback thread - CCP Deadlift on 2/24 (post 13)

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I am not completely clear on what you mean by “eject”. Do you mean using the drop down menu and selecting “eject” to eject, or do you mean the automatic eject that happens when your ship blows up?

As far as leaving your ship in space, I have never understood why you can have secure containers which require a code to access but your ship may as well have a sign that says “Free ship”. Scooping pilotless shiops into a large bay I understand. I could even see towing it with a tractor beam. But just pod up and fly away? Odd.

Yes I do. I mean you eject from the right click menu and you come out in the frigate.

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I came here for the discussion of it. It seems this is forum where people put topics up and they discuss it. Or am I wrong about that too.

Wow. That’s a pretty sweet deal for the battleship pilot. I am pretty open to new Ideas, but I would have opposed that. Not real keen on the idea of having won a fight, my shield and armor are shot, and now I may get tackled and have to face the same person’s frigate?

I agree with you that consistency should have been maintained. You want that frigate? Well you get to launch it first, eject into a pod, then board it. Could you do it in a fight just before your ship blows up? If you are real fast and real lucky. Automatic? Bullox if you ask me. Your ship blows up, well, if your frigate survives should be random just like any other loot drop.

It may not be officially an exploit but as it departs so far from previous game mechanics I understand why you say it SEEMS like one.

Discussing possible bugs or exploits is against forum policy

The consensus is that this is intended and not seen as an exploit by CCP. You are safe to discuss this on the forum.

I suggest revising your topic title, then; as written, it suggests you only are asking for clarification of whether this is intended (and it is, as shown by the CCP dev’s exploding stating this mechanic is meant to work this way), rather than wanting to discuss the pros and cons of the system overall. Something like ‘Eject to frigate escape bay’ identifies the subject of the thread neatly.

In general, it is a good idea to not use ‘exploit’ or ‘bug’ when referring to amy feature for discussion as the forum ToS prohibit discussion of those. Asking ‘is this intended behavior’ has different connotations to asking ‘is this an exploit’, and is less likely to lead to moderators closing the thread.

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Thanks for the input, but you need a catchy headline to get the conversation flowing.

I do think this is an unintended side effect of the mechanic and they have no idea people are using it in this way. For a couple of reasons I stated earlier but most importantly, the right click eject not have the same graphic improvement of moving between ships from an mx bay. That seems to me if this was intended it would’ve been included.

Clickbait headlines actually lead to thread locking, or mods forcibly renaming them. If the item is worth discussion, it will get discussion - you don’t need to put up a clickbait title to get people interested.

As for the graphics, I wouldn’t take that as a proof of unintended behavior over the CCP Dev literally saying this is how it is supposed to work. Did they envision every possible way players have used this? Probably not. Did they expect players to discover creative new uses? Absolutely.


Next time you plan on doing this, tell me when and where. I will be sure to exploit you.

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