Frigate Escape Bay and the ESS, would you be prevented from using the frigate escape?

Can a battleship pilot eject in their frigate inside an ESS?

Good question.

I would guess they can, which means you now have a way to get a frigate into an ESS. The only problem is that you’re leaving a rather costly battleship behind to do so, unless you bring another pilot in a cheaper throwaway cruiser to take over either the battleship or the frigate.

Give it a try and let us know if it works!

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afik it works. Just remember that bypassing gate restrictions is considered exploit. So using this metod just to get frigate in. Can end up with serious problem

Would definitely make a ticket and ask a GM before attempting it.

I think undocking in super tackle vengeance from my dying Battleship would be hilarious.

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I asked the question to dev’s and ejecting a frigate into the ESS is NOT an exploit.


Yep, and it’s actually been done before. I use it to get shiny pods out in fleets, and I’ve seen others use it to get Hyenas on grid

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