Eject from Ship

I noticed you can eject from a ship. And then when you’re in a pod you can go back into it. So I just had this really wacky idea that I’m sure is very stupid but I can’t see the flaw, maybe because I got too excited when I found it. If I know where a battle will take place, could I just go there in a frigate, eject, and then come back in the (bigger with expensive modules) ship I really want to fight. Then if I get podded, I just board the ship, which is much more durable than the pod. Ok there is some really big flaw with this since no one does it. Do abandoned ships go away like wrecks do? Do abandoned ships have a 25% chance of going poof every hour? Do abandoned ships have only hull and their armor and shield don’t count?

Battleships have a frigate escape bay… you can stow almost any frigate in a battleship so that if you lose your BS, you can tuck your tail and run away in the frigate, or try to stay and fight.

ejecting from a ship, just gives someone a chance to grab it.

I know you’re giving honest advice and I appreciate it.

But when I first read it, I burst out laughing at a bad pun that appeared in my head. Normally I think gamers come up with cooler and better sounding shorthand than real militaries, but I guess there’s an exception to every trend.

Oh so the danger isn’t it going poof, but someone deciding it’s free stuff. And I bet that’s not even a suspect offense, so I can’t even try to cut off his escape at the gate. And I’d be out of one frigate either way.

Heh I got a laugh outta that lol. Didn’t realize it when I wrote it.

As far as stealing a ship, I don’t believe there is a suspect timer, not 100% on that though.

So, this is from 2008, and I’m pretty sure it’s never changed

You can 't "steal " a ship that has a pilot in it, no matter what you do . If somebody ejects out of a ship , you can take your pod and board it though. Usually, people leave unpiloted ships safely behind POS shields though, though they may leave them anywhere they want

Just wanted to add you can’t board a ship if someone has it locked.

I remember people reading stories of stealing ships that had no one in them. I guess people still eject from ships these days XD Abandoned ships don’t get any debuffs they simply sit there with any fitting they have waiting to be used. Not sure if they despawn eventually. Probably a SUPER long time. Or never I have no clue. I know they linger for quite a long time however.

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They do a form of “debuff” in that no skills applie to them.

That’s why you get the warning letting you know the ship could go boom if you eject.


How do you lock a ship?



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I thought you meant “locked” as in some kind of door/boarding lock! :rofl:

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The owner of the ship can always board the ship even if its locked.

Happened some months ago if I recall correctly that with my main I’ve grabbed a Rokh that a guy left in his “escape” frigate to pick up some loot or whatever and he didn’t even bother to (target) lock.

As from the conversation afterwards I’ve learned from him he thought the starbase password will protect his BS. I’ve explained him what that feature is for so at least he got a learning experience out of it so hopefully he’ll not make the same mistake again.

Funnily enough the ship was named “ErrorOfMayMind” and it still sits in my hangar in Parchanier unaltered, not in need to sell it so just have it as a fun memorabilia.


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