Frigate escape bay & hangars

When your battleship is docked in a hangar…

Feature request 1: ability to right click on the frigate in the escape bay and select ‘board this frigate’ or ‘make active’.

Rationale: currently this is a multi step process

  • starting from having the BS escape bay open
  • drag frigate from bay to hangar
  • navigate to hangar
  • find frigate in hangar - this can be a difficult step if there are a lot of ships in the hangar
  • activate frigate

Feature request 2: when in an active frigate, right click on the escape bay of a battleship and have a menu option that will move the frigate into the bay and activate the battleship.

Rational: again, this is currently a multi step process

  • activate the battleship
  • navigate to hangar
  • find the frigate that you were previously in
  • drag to the escape bay of the battleship you just activated

Both of these are about removing the hangar management step when doing swaps between a battleship and its associated frigate.

So you want to fly the frigate out of the belly of the battleship?

Sounds cool to me. Actually, I’ve been wondering why other big ships don’t have escape frigates. Or did they add that at some point?

the FEB was added a couple of years ago, to enable battleship pilots a chance to escape without losing their pod.

This change will shake up the Battleship meta of EVE Online and open up new and exciting tactical options for crafty players to use! It can also give Capsuleers a chance to stay in the fight longer… unless you opt to use your nimble ship to escape from the battlefield and leave your fleetmates to their fate!

Fight or Flight - the choice is yours.

where is the cruiser escape bay for carriers? and battleship escape bay for titans?

The change was for battleships, not caps.

I could definitely see a destroyer bay for light carriers, cruiser bay for supercarriers and BS by for titans.

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