Fc ships for citadel defense

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associate an fc and fc ship to vulnerability periods of citadel. if the defenders decide to utilize an fc ship as part of their defense strategy the attackers would be be able to choose their ideal fc or fc ship target throughout the war in search for weaknesses

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No thanks. If their own fleet can’t keep the FC alive, then they should die until they get a better fleet or improve their ability to FC.

No one needs special prptection.

Just my 0.02

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An FC Ship would be interesting on the field of battle. Ancient Romans dressed their officers differently so the troops could find them more easily during the battle. I don’t see why an Officer ship shouldn’t be part of Eve Online either.

The Officer Ship is one of those of ships that corporations and alliances would only be able to manufacture and issue on a limited base however.

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I’m not sure I understand this. Are you proposing that an FC ship be brought into Eve with the intent of replacing normal Citadel-bashing mechanics if the defender so chooses? :roll_eyes: I’m honestly not sure how this could be implemented.

As to the idea of an FC ship itself, if this were incorporated in such a way that they were better boosting ships than Command Ships… nobody would fly Command Ships. If they were tankier than HAC’s… nobody would fly HAC’s. Obviously there are other considerations to take into account, but I think you get the general idea. :wink:

What role would an FC ship actually perform that isn’t already available in-game?

This is already available in Eve… SKINS!!

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Skins don’t have bonuses for FC nor are there any associated Corporation or Alliance Officer FC skins.

(Garen Lemmont) #6

Don’t think Ancient Roman officers had any bonuses either :wink:

A bit off the OP’s topic, but you can always have corp/alliance fund unique/rare ones for their FC’s!

(sisterofeve6) #7

i think what you mean is “squad leaders” should have officer ships?

(Frostys Virpio) #8

The bonus they had was “not being on the front line” most of the time.

(Horza Tareem) #9

A better FC ship, in line with the whole “ancient battles” idea would be a stealth ship with no offensive abilities that can lock targets and use boosts from stealth :slight_smile:

LE - you can even drop the boosts part as that can be done by whatever other ships in the fleet.

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The captain’s chair of the citadel in question is generally pretty tanky. Your FC could FC from there if you really wanted them to stay alive. Whoever the backup FC(s) are can control they fleet if they give chase or otherwise warp out faster than the FC can undock.

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