Increase high slot numbers

Hi there,
a couple of weeks ago I was playing around with simulated fittings and I saw something that added maybe 2 more high slots (maybe mid slots too, but I’m not sure about that) to my ship, if I remember right it was the Caracal, but then I went on with other things, and now I’m trying to find that rig or whatever it was that did that, but I can’t find it. I know there are rigs for the tech III Tengu that does that, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m 100% sure that I SAW IT SHOWING to add more high slots in the simulation, but now when I try the Tengu rigs for the Caracal it says that the hull can not fit that module, so I don’t know if it was something else, I’m really confused… I’d need an expert in modules who could tell me if there is any way to add more slots, or maybe it was some bug in the game, or maybe they changed something in the last few weeks, because I’m certain that I simulated a tech I or maybe tech II ship, but definitely not the Tengu, and I’m also certain that I saw more slots POPPING UP in the simulation, but now only the message pops up that says that the hull can not fit the module… This confusion is so annoying, please help!

It’s more than likely just a graphical glitch. Outside of T3C Subsystems, there’s no way to increase the number of slots on any ship in the game.

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This is so dissapointing… :sob:
But thank you for your reply!

Now it pops up again… damn glitch fooled me

No, wait I’m fooling myself, this was not in simulation mode… anyway it’s solved :sweat_smile:

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