Trying to fit three items in one ship

hello everyone,
so , I’m totally new in eve online , and i really enjoy the game.
here is my point , i’m trying to fit three mining items in my mining ship, but everytime i’m trying to do that i couldn’t , i can just fit two items of anything in the high power slots .
someone told me that its because of my current skills , but i don’t know which skill i need to upgrade exactly .
any ideas ?

What is the ship and items?

I’m pretty sure skills and filling slots are totally unrelated…even if you don’t have a skill for module you can sill install it but it will be off-line.

The ship is venture
There is three high slot places as you know.
Currently I already have " Miner I " item installed in two of the high slots.
And I’m trying to install the remaining Miner I.
And this is what i got :

You cannot fit the Miner I because your ship doesn’t have any turret slots left for fitting.
possibly because you have already filled your ship with turrets.
Turret slots represent how many weapons of a certain type can be fitted on a ship. The current design is over a hundred years old. and is modular enough to allow for a great leeway in the fitting of various weaponry.

See those two circles? Those are the number of turrets you can have. So regardless of the number of high slots, you can only mount two turrets in a Venture.



Yes I got it.
But is there is anyway to upgrade that turret hardpoints limitations ?

Nope…those are fixed per ship…

The Venture can fit 2 turret hardpoints and a utility hardpoint, usually a salvager or probe launcher.

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So there maybe another model of venture that I can fit three items and I can buy from the market ? right ?

Here is a battle ship with 8 high-slots…you can install up to 8 turrets or 1 launcher plus up to 7 turrets. Launchers are on the right in yellow…


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No. The Venture models that you see in the asteroid belts with 3 turret hardpoints are NPC mining Ventures. There are all sorts of NPC model ships that can have different hardpoint configurations than player ships are allowed to have. For example, NPC Triglavian ships can fire missiles, but player Triglavian ships can’t.

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Nope. Ship types just like IRL have they limits…what you see is what you get regarding slots.

Some ships are improved and have a T2 or NPC variant but the name is different (ie it’s not the same ship). The Prospect is the advanced version of the Venture but it also only has 3 high slots of which 2 are turrets.

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…BTW, welcome to EVE, better known as the most complex game of Rock Paper Scissors you’ll ever play :slight_smile:

I can see that from what you guys wrote to me :'D
Thanks for the informations .

NP at all…just a tip for ship, don’t look at them as typing to make them fit the roll you want to do but rather finding the best ship for that role…and then fitting it accordingly.

The Venture is a GREAT little ship BTW…

Best of luck and if you have more questions, ask away…

Fly Safe o7


i would add… join a corp? you wil get advices, fits, free ships, etc


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