Ship Modification and Upgrading Questions

I’m about a week into the game, but like anyone new, have many questions.

I’ve just picked up a Corax and noticed that the turret hardpoints for high slots are default set at 0/0 which I understand to mean no turrets can be attached. When I open the ‘simulate fit,’ it seems like you can add turret weapons in some form of upgrade to the ship.
I’m also reading ‘Show Info’ on the ship and noticed the mastery section, but I’m not familiar with what this means or does for me the player.

  • Can someone explain hardpoints, and if they can be increased or modified on a ship.
  • Also, could someone explain the ship mastery and what it does

Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to help out. It’s hellah hard to find information. :smile:

hardpoints cannot be modified. the corax is a missile/torpedo/rocket ship. The only other thing that can be added on, that isn’t missile/rocket/torpedo related is salvagers, miners etc.

Ship mastery, is a guideline that shows you can fly the ship, but thats really all it is, a guideline… some ships you may use for other purposes but not have any mastery to it. depending on the situation.

under simulation window, it doesn’t discriminate as far as what ship it is, it shows all mods under that window. I think it would be better if it could somehow realize that the ship you are simulating, has certain requirements for it.

for Example: My raven is at mastery III. I’ll probably never take it to IV, because I don’t use Torpedos. I use mainly cruise missiles. and I don’t have Microjump drive operation at III. So If i really wanted to take Raven to Mastery IV, it would take me 16 days. But i’m not worried about it.


is a missile ship. It has 7 missile launcher hardpoints.

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projectile=/=missile my alt has a corax i know what it does… a missile can be called a projectile

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in a game that has a different dedicated projectile weapon system, not really

Welcome to EVE.

As the others have mentioned, the Corax is a missile boat. Here is some more info on it with some example fits:

More generally, here is some info on fitting ships:

And a deeper dive on general weapons and modules:

That’s a LOT of info, and there are lots of links in those articles for more info and specifics. This may seem like info overload at first, but take your time to go through this and feel free to ask questions here.


Dude, lemme give you some unsung advice, since you are new.

Corax is unfortunately one of the worst ships in the game. Don’t stick with it, don’t waste your skillpoints on it.

If you went Caldari, go for a Kestrel with light missiles, might wanna skip rockets too unless you intend to dedicate this character to rocket specific stuff such as some burners and some pvp frigates. With the emphasis on some, since they can all be done better in ships other then rockets.

All that said, go for Kestrel, Caracal, maybe throw in a Gnosis once your skills are high enough to tackle L3 and equivalent difficulty content. kestrel with light missiles / shields, Caracal with Heavy Assault Missiles / shields. This path will let you do the most content while staying focused and having your skills somewhat optimized by default.

You can of course branch out to otehr stuff, but keep in mind alphas are very limited on total skillpoints, you get a total of 5 mil free skillpoints, pass that you can use injectors or go omega and train up to 20 mil. the more you spread yourself on weapons, tank types, etc. the more you cut into that total and it becomes ineffective to the point that you will not be able to handle content.

of course the otehr option is to omega eitehr via sub or plex and wait countless time while still being unable to handle better content, while your skills train up to where eventually you will have them all, or enough of them and it becomes a non issue.


It’s possible he got the corax from Mike. at least a few friends of mine got corax from him.

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There used to be a career mission too that gave them out, but i think that got nerfed or something. Hmm, Mike is a good person, hats off to him, I could not do what he is doing, but maybe someone should point him to the Corax. Its better to give out kestrels with some meta 4s in em then a Corax. They can literally do same content, and better.

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Thanks guys, all this helps immensely! :sunglasses:

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the career gives out the cormorant. only because none of the caldari career missions have anything to do with missiles… bantams, merlin, venture, badger and cormorant are the ships the caldari gives. i prefer the kestrel over the corax.
@Gimik_Andy np man, we are all here to try to help those who genuinely want help.

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Hardpoints: A “slot” where you fit various types of modules to improve the ship in some way.

High slots: Where your main weapon modules are fitted. Some other types of modules can also be fitted here.

Mid slots: No weapons can be fitted here, but other modules such as modules which improve your ship’s propulsion, sensors and shield are normally fitted here.

Low Slots: The most common modules to fit here are modules that improve your weapon damage and your ship’s armour.

The Corax is a Caldari ship. Caldari ships perform better with improved shields and missiles are the most common weapon type used by Caldari ships. Look at the Corax’s “ship bonuses”, they’re all related to missiles. Some Caldari ships use “hybrid” turrets, however the Corax is not one of those.

Gallente ships mostly use Hybrid turrets. Amarr ships mostly use Energy turrets (lasers). Minmatar ships mostly use Projectile turrets.

As for projectiles and missiles being basically the same thing, in this game that is NOT the case. In this game, a Projectile turret is a specific type of turret that uses specific types of ammunition. The same with Hybrid turrets. In the general sense you could say that Hybrid turrets also fire projectiles, but Hybrid turrets use specific types of ammunition which CANNOT be used by Projectile turrets and Projectile turrets CANNOT use Hybrid ammunition. In THIS game, Projectile turrets, Hybrid turrets and Missile launchers all have SPECIFIC MEANINGS and are DIFFERENT from each other.

Ship Mastery is mostly a guide on what skills you should train and to what level to fly a particular ship effectively. It’s a guide, you don’t need to obsess over it, but it is useful to look at when you want to try a new ship because that new ship may need new skills you haven’t trained yet or have only trained to a low level.


Hardpoints are limits of how many certain weapon types (turrets/missile launchers) can be fit on this particular ship. A ship with 4 high slots but only 2 turret hardpoints will be able to fit no more than 2 turrets. High slots that exceed (primary)weapon hardpoint count are usually referred to as “utility high”.

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Example: Raven has 7 High slots. It has 6 Launcher Hardpoints and 4 Turrent Hardpoints. Meaning if I wanted to, I could use 4 Launchers and 3 Turrets on my Raven.

Not to anybody in particular, just for any new person reading this.

Actually that’s because there is very much information from different times of EVE. I was surprised how well Google did with EVE information, but I always had to find out if the info is still valid. Or you will start a futile search for the captain’s quarters for an hour…

If I remember correctly, that us wrong, you need turret hardpoints to fit mining lasers do you not?

lasers yes, but not strip miners.

…and strip miners can only fit on mining barges, which isnt really relevant to this discussion.

So there’s no Mining Drake available? :wink:

but mining rokh is a thing and it outmines venture. The downside is low cargo capacity - you have to mine in jetcans.