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Hello everyone.

I started playing EVE 2 days ago, now on break for family and holidays but if all goes according to plan monday i’m back to space :slight_smile: .

I have been mining, i’m just exploring what i can do in the game and in every game i played where i could do it i always enjoyed farming resources, using those for personal use but also selling them, i guess that selling even the most basic materials/resources will not be an issue on EVE.

I’m going to link a screenshot here, it shows the current ship that i am using the venture, and i was wondering what pieces can i get to it, can i buy shields or armor reinforcements? Can i increase the CPU power or capabality?
I really don’t know what to buy or to upgrade for this ship :frowning: this is one of the things that overwhelms me in a way, i have no idea what to get for my ship.

I have been curious about this subject, i guess that i can do combat missions against npc enemies? What do those consist off is it killing the enemies and the mission is done or do i have to loot them? For combat missions what kind of ships are more appropriate? Oh i had to edit this, how many ships are there on EVE Online and are there more to be added in the future?

You can buy and slap on just about any mod the ship will take ( you’ll know if it can’t, the game will tell you ), open the fitting window and click on big button that says “Simulate”. Once your ship is simulated you can hover over any module in any open window and the simulation will show you what stats the module gives to the ship.
Each ship has a bonus, you can see that by hovering over the " i " for information in the fitting window. You can also get more info on your ship by opening the info for the ship and clicking on the appropriate tab. Each stat in that tab will show in green ( if you’re in the ship ) then you can see what bonus is added to your fit taken into account your skills + mods.

You can use the slots for rigs to install modules that will increase CPU or/and Power Grid capabilities. Meduim and Low slots also permit to do that with other modules intended for those slots.

Don’t sweat it. Take your time, go online and read and watch videos. There’s tons of info online.
There’s also a program called Pyfa. It will help you understand what all it is about ships and modules.

Yes, click on the Agency button in the sidebar and choose your poison.

It depends on the mission. Obviously I haven’t done them all but yes there’s killing NPCs and sometimes you have to recover stuff from them like hostages or secret files and whatnot.

So far I’ve been doing missions in a destroyer no problem. I imagine as I get into lvl.3 and lvl.4 missions that I may need to get into a cruiser but so far a destroyer is just fine.

I have no idea.
I keep seeing names of ships in this forum but I haven’t been able to find some of them in the ships window so your guess is as good as mine.

One can only hope.

Proviso: Don’t take my post too seriously, though. My zKillboard is empty so I must not know about three quarters of what I wrote :smiley:

PS: There’s a website online called Google. Make sure you find it and use it, it’s one of the requirements for posting on the forum. :sweat_smile:

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There’s a lot of modules you can fit to your ship and as a new player you don’t really know what those modules do, which modules there are, how easily they can fit or what you might need on your ship.

I recommend you scroll a bit through the fitting simulation tool (top right) and then just try to fit a lot of modules to it from the module list on the left to get a feeling for what they do or how they fit.

The venture itself is a mining ship and I think something like this would be a nice start for you to use:

[Venture, Venture Alpha Meta]

Mining Laser Upgrade I

Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
Enduring Multispectrum Shield Hardener
1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner

EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
[Empty High slot]

Small EM Shield Reinforcer I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I

Hobgoblin I x2

Some explanation:

  • High slots - The Venture is a mining ship, so I gave it two mining lasers, which is the most it can fit. It has 3 high slots, but only 2 of them turret slots, so you could maybe fit something else (like a salvager) in the third slot if you have spare CPU and PG.
  • Low slots - The mining upgrade in the low slots helps you mine faster, which is nice. Other options might be a damage control unit (for more resistances for survivability), extra agility from an inertial stabilizer and a bunch of other options
  • Mid slots - An afterburner or microwarp drive are both ‘propulsion modules’ that make your ship faster, which is nice to move from one asteroid to another a little faster. Microwarp drives give a bigger boost, but also make your ship easier to hit and they drain your capacitor much faster. I prefer an afterburner on my mining frigates: with afterburner active you’re pretty fast and a small target, so if you orbit the asteroid you will get a lot less damage from the asteroid belt pirate NPCs. Since you have two more mid slots, I decided to give it a shield tank, which automatically replenishes over time (called ‘passive regeneration’, as opposed to active repairs from a shield booster or armor repairer). Shield resists from the hardener and some more shield hitpoints from the extender.
  • Rigs - Since I decided to shield tank the ship, I’ve added rigs that help it shield tank even better. More extenders for more hitpoints, and an EM shield reinforcer to plug the resistance hole many ships have towards EM damage against their shields.
  • Drones - this ship can use two small drones or one medium. Generally two small drones are better than one medium (faster, better damage application) so I gave it two hobgoblins. If you want to use any other small combat drones you can do so too, depending on the part of space you live in other drones might deal more appropriate types of damage, as each faction’s drones are specialised for a different type of damage. Nothing to worry about for now though, more of a later min-max thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also notice that I’ve used ‘meta’ modules with longer names for many slots, like the enduring multispectrum hardener (instead of a T1), or the Scoped mining lasers instead of T1.

Usually meta modules are a bit better and cheaper than T1, with for example ‘enduring’ taking less capacitor and 'scoped’ modules having a little more range. But if you see other cheaper modules on the market, or if these meta modules aren’t available, feel free to fit any other version!

I think you only have to kill them, but I haven’t done any missions since I left the tutorial… so I might be wrong there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ships with bonuses towards weapon systems. You can open the ingame ship browser and hover or rightclick any ship to see their bonuses.

If it has bonuses towards weapon types it’s likely meant for combat and a better fit for combat missions than say, a Venture, which is intended for mining.

For example an Algos has bonuses to both small hybrid turrets and drone damage, which is nice if you want to kill stuff. All destroyer-size ships (like the Algos) are meant for combat by the way, and deal good damage for their size, so you could pick one that uses a weapon system that you like.

Many ships! I don’t know the number, but you can find the list either ingame on the ship browser, in the fitting tool, listed in the market, or on online sources like the EVE University wiki.

Last month a bunch of new faction ships were added to the game for each of the four factions, with navy faction combat battlecruisers like the Ferox Navy Issue, navy faction exploration frigates like the Imicus Navy Issue and some huge new dreadnoughts like the Phoenix Navy Issue.


a REAL EvE player wouldn’t let comparatively unimportant trivialities such as family and social occasions get in the way of their EvE playing.


also, since you ask very numerous and various questions about the basics, i would suggest you to join a newbie-friendly corp, like eve-uni.
There is too much to answer in a single post on forum


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