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I’m a three week old Alpha player with a Minmatar character and I’m running a Venture for mining. I’ve had two of them shot out from under me. The first in low sec by a stealth (never did show up on scanners) cruiser (?) that used a warp scrambler on me and then casually dissected my ship. I learned from that to never solo mine in low sec. The second was in was in an 0.7 sec where I warped into a belt (no asteroids) and found five hostels. I was ready to warp out but they all fired quickly and in unison. I was debris two seconds later (literally). I learned from that that I need really good shields. I stared studying them but found near 200 shields, boosters, extenders, hardeners, etc. with some 30 or so characteristics between them. 6000 characteristics to analyze. It’s a bit to much. I don’t know what’s grain and what’s chaff. The point is I need help with shields. What would be a good set up for my ship? What information in the Attributes is useful and what is just color for the game? Please help.

Most likely a Recon ship (if it were a cruiser) they don’t show on d-scan.

You probably encountered a Forward Operating Base’s (FOB) small fleet. They are deadly fleets that roam the system containing the FOB, they are easily recognized by the diamond shape in their “name”, they act like a small PvP gang and will mimic real (PvP) player behavior and killing some of them will only make them call for reinforcements.

The biggest help you can fit on a Venture is a Medium Shield Extender (MSE) as it increases your shield HP by a significant amount.

Here is a good primer on shields and the various mods, characteristics, and considerations:

It’s a lot to absorb (welcome to EVE), but covers the different things to consider.

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  1. OP you came to ask questions and to understand how to improve, you tried to study the problem by yourself, props to you, you did not act like others who come here to whine “this game is bugged, CCP does’nt want my money, etc”. You have the good behaviour. Keep on!
  2. as you already saw, Eve is complex. It will be helpful for you to join a newbie- friendly corp (you can start with Eve-Uni, or go the recruitment section on the forum, etc…). There, you will find people able to provide you fits, to give you advices easier than writing on forum. You will also soon get friends, things to do, objectives, enemies, etc It will give more sense to your activities in eve. For example, if you keep on mining, either the ore you mined will be used by some corpmates to build somethg, or you will earn isks to get ships or to buy skill injectors to be able to join corp activities (pvp? pve? industry?..)
    Welcome to eve

Greetings mate , and congrats on the attitude. If you mail or convo me I would be glad to help you out

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Once upon a time there were clear ‘better’ modules. After several rebalance passes a lot has changed to where for most module types the choice is based on several factors. For example, if your fit is tight then you might use a ‘compact’ version of the module to use less fitting. Then there is ‘enduring’ which uses less capacitor for active mods. That descriptive word in the names of many mods tells generally what the those stats are leaning towards. You pick them based on choices between performance you want and fitting/ capacitor use requirements.

Everything is a trade off of various characteristics and the choice is yours based off of your skills and how you plan on flying the ship.

For example, on a mining ship you might use a mining laser upgrade. Depending on which one you use (if any) it might cost more cpu. Your ship has limited cpu so the trade off might be to fit a compact shield module to have a bit less tank but it let’s you have the CPU to have a better MLU. Conversely if your tanking rats or in an area with suicide gankers you might think fitting a better shield module is more worth while and go with lower end mining upgrades to save that CPU for a stronger shield module.

Thank you. A useful suggestion.

Thank you. A useful suggestion.

Great source of information. Thank you.

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Thanks. Already on the look out for a Corp to join.

Fitting a ship is like life, many factors to consider, many choices to make. But, with the help of so many new friends I should get by. Thanks.


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