How did this do damage?

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How in hell did the luxury yacht do damage? It doesn’t make any sense to me since it doesn’t have any turret spots.

Civilian light missile launcher - doesn’t require any hardpoint to fit and shoots normal light missiles.

This particular module can be obtained by any player doing military career agents for Caldari, iirc.

So can that be fit to a shuttle or something similar? How many of them can be installed on a ship with no turret points? Is it as much as the power and CPU can handle?

CPU and PG, yes, but the number of free highslots is still limit.

You can also get confusing battle reports if someone blows up and reships mid-fight. See for example the pod doing damage and using a point/scram on you.

My guess is he fought you and died in a different ship, warped away, docked up, undocked in a yacht to do something completely unrelated to the battle, then you died and he got on the KM in a yacht.

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