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So this game remembers me a lot of stellaris for example, different size ships, tracking wepaon types etc etc,but why is there no flack in the game? I see a lot of drones/missiles being the “meta” doctrines yet no flack, I’m not saying we should get something that delete drones/missiles but yes that dmg’s and perhaps makes the enemy more hesitant than just spam drones/missiles like flack could make a big screen of aoe dmg if a drone/fighter/missile tryes to go trough it recives dmg if people spam this to counter missiles/drones so be it because then u go with any turret weapon type and the ywon’t be able to do ■■■■, make flacks high reload times so u need to be wise on when to use them rather than spam them 24/7

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We have this in the form of Bombs and Smartbombs.

When fighting a missile based opponent, a couple of “firewall” battleships packing a full rack of smartbombs can effectively kill the missiles in flight.

A smartbomb in a utility high can be very effective against drones.

Bombs launched from a stealth bomber are a little more specialised, but they can happily take out a drone ball. Very effective against Ishtar fleets to nuke their Sentry drones.

So yeah, we can already do this.


What about point defense in EVE?

well, I’ve never seen a PDS used to firewall missiles. I think it’d cycle too slowly to be particularly good for the job.

that said, i don’t know.

There was defender missiles before (anti missile missiles) but they were worse than using actual missile (turns out killing your opponent ALSO prevents him from shooting) and too conditional, now they are affecting bombs instead

In stellaris, if you can bring enough firepower to alpha the enemy out, anything else is irrelevant. But your fleets are limited in size, so you can’t.
In Eve, your fleets are not limited in size. So you bring more, bigger guns. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m saying it’s different.

No way, really?

Who could have known !?!?

I’ve always been an advocate for a point defense utility high module. We sort of have it, but smartbombs aren’t purpose built for it, and defender missiles are wonky

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While this is a cool concept, I worry about the balance issues. Currently we have weapon disruption which affects both missiles and guns, whereas drones can be killed. Adding the ability to shoot at missiles would then give two different, and more importantly combinable, counters to that set of weapon systems. I am all for adding more options and variations and having something else to put in a utility high would be great, but I think this would have wider implications on scope creep/balancing that need to be solved first.

Like most of the “meta” fits I see for pvp run missiles caracal/jackdaws etc and I feel it’s because they’re more on the strong side.

My idea for the flak gun is high reload time, low charges x magazine doesn’t oneshot missiles/drones but if there’s several of them they will destroy a % of them. Basically u need to use them when a large group of missiles come your way if u get baited by couple missiles then it opens a window of oportunity for the enemy to spam missiles as you’ll be reloading

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