Cruiser sized rockets

5000-7500 m range base no skills
50-75 capacity per launcher
rate of fire of 4 second base no skills
75-90 alpha
reload 15 seconds
90-110 powergrid
25-35 cpu
uses a bit of capacitor (?)

what do you guys think?
i’m waiting for the **** storm

Interesting idea, isn’t that basically HAMs?

And why should missile launchers use cap?

the problem is, HAMs have problems with applying damage to small targets. when did i say that it would use cap?

if you need short range missiles to kill small stuff use Rapid Light Missile Launchers. that’s what they were created for.

Heavy Assault Missiles -> Rocket equivalent among Medium size vessels.

working as intended i guess. no need to add something that already exists just because you cant apply damage on smaller targets with something that is designed to hit stuff in the same size as you.

the problem is, the 35 sec reload on the RLMLs really cripple it when your being swarmed by frigs.

there has to be a tradeoff. if not it would be imbalanced for the frigate/destroyer players.

no one is stopping you from putting rockets in a cruiser anyways, it wont have damage bonuses but it doesnt have the issues of the RLML in terms of reloading.

what if it uses a bit of capacitor?

10 to 20 cap when fired?

i mean… why do we need balance at all? really lets just let BBs apply perfect to frigs as well.

if you’re having trouble with frigs as a cruiser it’s because you’re supposed to. and if you are going to sit there and tell me RLML are not strong enough i’m going to have to believe you’re a troll

I’m assuming this is for pve. Yeah the rapid light rebalance hurt running some missions. You just have to power through with drones, rapid lights or hams and a target painter/guidance computer.

Add application mods, HAMs apply well to frigs once you stop going for max tank and use rigors, missile comp/TP etc.

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so put on a stasis webiyer or a target painter?

Depends on what youre doing. If PvE, tracking computers/enhancers/tp or rigors are preferrable. If pvp, webs and a combination of any of the other mods is good.

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ok thanks

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