Hello Fozzie, any update on a turret 'RHML/RLML' treatment?... :-)

Many moons ago, one thousand eight hundred and seventy six I believe, on ‘Ye Olde forum’ (well, not ‘Ye Olden Olde forum’, may it RIP…) I put together a proposal/discussion topic around how to give the bottom tier turrets the ‘Rapid Heavy/Rapid Light’ treatment, which had been a great success in adding interesting gameplay to cruiser-sized and above missile ships (and still does to this day).

Asking the same question at Fanfest 2016 the feedback was “that’s a jolly interesting idea and we’d like to try something along those lines”… well, just here for a quick 4 year check-in: How are you guys getting along with it?..


Ps. Old proposal here: https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/410372/

Pps. I’d still really love to see Dual Heavy Ion Blaster Megathrons running around like its 2004 again… :pray:

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Tornado with rapid 720mm arties sounds… ferocious. If bonused.

The Battleship ‘dual barrel’ equivalent does less DPS than Cruiser version, with no tangible benefits to compensate for this…

I didn’t believe this until I went to pyfa and verified it for myself. As a matter of principle, the damage must be strictly greater than by a proportional amount. If it says “dual” then it should be 2x as much.

There are a number of ways to address this. Iterating the modules is fine (your proposal is fairly sound - the shape of damage graphs would remain healthy), but it’s worth pointing out that the simplest solution would be to rename the modules so that they are no longer named in relation to smaller sizes; this would allow them to maintain their existing parameters with zero modifications, thereby maintaining the status quo and making it easier to modify in the future without having to do so under restraints imposed by smaller subsizes. The nice thing about the rename option is that it is not mutually exclusive with future iteration, but future iterations could be done without the restraints imposed by lower sizes.

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I guess you could and keep the proposal for a brand new set of actual dual/triple/quad weapons; though they’d still probably need a bit of tiericide ‘love’ in their own right, as the 250mm/Dual 250mm comparison shows.

Still would love to see Dual Heavy Ions making a return in the re-imagined state :grin:

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In theory I too would find the idea fascinating, I just don’t think CCP would be willing to be bound to having the performance of a larger tier of weapons be bound to a smaller tier of weapons. It also brings up the issue: why would a cluster of M-sized turrets use L-sized ammo :thinking:??? Are they going to saw these massive bullets into four pieces to fit into the smaller blasters? Unless, of course, we give them the missile treatment where RLMLs use Light missiles, first accessible by S-ships, but the launchers are fitted on M-ships… and RHMLs use Heavy missiles, first accessible by M-ships, but the launchers are fitted on L-ships… and then there’s Rapid Torps on caps… or Torps on SBs!!1!1!!1!!oneoneone!!11!!eleven!!11! :scream:

Better stick with fanfic for this one IMO… The Rokh with 150 Heavy Neutron Blasters: A True(?) Story:rofl:

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