Conversion of Small Weapons on Medium Modules.. Balance

Hi CCP, I would like to propose a change to the Medium Weapon Systems currently available.

I think the Rapid Light Launcher system should be changed to a Rapid Rocket system and The Rapid Heavy should be a Rapid Heavy Assault system to coincide with the Rapid Torpedo systems… I feel the range Limitation this presents make these systems more balanced for PVP.

Also… Please allow the Medium Dual/Quad weapon Gunnery use Small ammo instead. I think the Dual 180mm Medium Auto is a good example of a system that would work and maybe convert the Quad Light beam to a Dual Light Pulse And the Dual 150mm Rail to a Dual Light Ion Blaster… This would then allow other cruiser systems to Benefit from the Wolf Rayet effect as well and competing with the Rapid Light systems in play. I feel like they do need a slight tracking nerf in comparison to the light counterparts and maybe even a slight reduction in optimal and reload time should be increased.

P.S> an additional perk, maybe even create a polarised version of all these systems…


How about just using the small module weapons instead, maybe?

but there are no small rapid stuff for missiles, and rapid launchers are just kinda weird rn.

light missile launchers/rapid light launchers are the “small” launchers for missiles etc. Which is why they can be loaded onto frigates. what is “weird” about them.

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