Proposal: Rapid Launchers Reload Speed Rigs


Can we make Rapid Launchers (and ships using them) a little bit more useful for PvP and even PvE?

Let’s invent Reload Speed Rigs (a lot of calibration to force to make an important fitting choice).

What do you think?

P.S.: Didn’t find this request in history.

The reload time on them is part of their balance, to make them not be completely overpowered. That’s the trade off. You can hit pretty hard for twenty seconds or so, then you better either have killed the target, kite off or tank until you can finish him.

Yeah, this is how it feels right now: do enough damage or die.

I don’t want to make rapids imbalance. Rather I want to discuss how to make them more flexible.

E.g. you can drop your resistance rigs and QoL rigs and use very expensive rigs for Reload Speed.

I believe we can discuss specific numbers to not destroy balance.

Such a long reload time means the target has a full 35 seconds to just repair any damage I have done, even if I have enough (non reload) DPS to kill them.
That’s ■■■■.

I support this idea, there is no balance here because the rapid launchers are crap, I’m better off with the proper sized launchers and removing a bit of tank for application if I’m expecting smaller targets. I’ve never looked at a rapid launcher fit and thought “yep, that’s good.”

You are one of the only people I have ever heard claim that rapid lights are worthless. These are some of the most popular fits in the game.

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Go look at caracals on Zkill.

So the rapid launcher fit ones…are the dead ones?

  1. most ships have to die .
  2. no.

Persons, i just want to make life of everyone a little bit comfortable.

I feel bad when using rapids and dps is not enough - but I understand that it is my responsibility to balance my own fit.

Rapids as cool and I want to have more flexibility - less damage and faster reload if it is better for my case.

Again, I don’t want to have imbalanced weapon, i just want to tailor it a bit inside existing boundaries.


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