Two types of damage mods + reloading array

Idea is to split modules like Ballistic Control System II (+10% damage +10.5% rof) in two types: one that boosts damage (+20%) and another that boosts rate of fire (+21%), similar to rigs (Warhead Calefaction Catalyst and Bay Loading Accelerator).
Reason for this is to get more fitting options - to fit for high alpha strike / low ammo consumption or for permanent / burst dps Also this will allow to fit paper thin dps plathforms fitted with 2-4 modules of each type.

As an addition to this, could be added module which boosts reloading speed of all turrets and launchers by… lets say, 30%. Faster reloading will help those who have to change damage type / optimal range and will be extremely helpful on ships fitted with rapid launchers.

It might be easier to have them scriptable instead of a whole new module.

Not for, nor against the BCS splitting but the increase to reload im 100% against. That is the trade-off around which many systems in EVE are balanced and removing that balance will be problematic (i would expect some situations to become OP and others woefully under-powered) which in turn leads to DEVs spending a lot of time rebalancing things already balanced.

Im always seriously concerned about DEV time, id much rather they spend time moving the game forward rather than rehashing things they have already finished.

This would make rapid light/heavy/torps op with the damage only bonus, same with the reload bonus. This would be fine if it didn’t affect rapid launchers

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