Increased magazine storage

Hi , another one of my wacky idea’s for a new module .

Increased magazine storage

So the basic’s
Increases the amount of ammo each weapons Module holds.
This will be a High slot module taking up mostly PG .
Different mods for different ammo types of course. The only hick up would be crystals. This module would be useless for lasers, but hey , instant damage switch for amar kids so don’t complain.

Maybe a coolant module to reduce heat on laser’s , who knows. Anyways please discuss

But whyyyy

Glad you asked good Sir

So for pve kids helps increase ratting times by less reloads.

Same for pvp , for example on a ship like a tempest , you have a option of a neut or extra capacity . This would give you more options I think on ships of that nature

I believe the module would be viewed as a waste of a high slot and power grid. CCP doesn’t give us any extra slots, they very much balance each ship assuming all skills 5 and having to make sacrifices when fitting. So I don’t see a use for the module.

And before the module, I’d want a SKILL that does this. 5% extra ammo capacity for all weapons, per skill level. Or, as an alternative: 10% reduction in reload time. But, again, I really doubt that CCP will give us a boost for free; they usually pre-nerf things, so if they implement this they’ll go “the reload time is doubled for all weapons and then you can have a skill that does 10% reduction per level.”

So, TLDR, no.

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The problem is you would have to make a balance pass on Rapid Launchers for this to work. Those launchers allow a ship to use missiles that are a class smaller but to fire faster, allowing say a cruiser to take out frigates. The ammo bay and reload have been balanced often (I miss when they originally help 40+ light missiles!)

Or you could be lazy and say it is only for turret weapons.

Edited to add: you may also want to treat these like turrets where there are sizes and smaller sizes work only for small turrets but take less fitting whereas a BS size one would only be for large turrets and use more power grid.

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I was thinking PG requirements be low , could be a yet another way of use of empty highs and add a little more variety around here

If anything, this should probably be a rig and not a high slot. It would be more in line with the meta, and wouldn’t take up another dps slot. To keep things balanced it would need to be a marginal increase. Something like 5% and 10% for T1 and T2 respectively, which on a 40 missile hold would equate to 2 or 4 extra missiles. On a garmur this might be useful.

I think the problem it suffers from is that for any reasonable % increase, the times anyone would use it over a damage or application rig are extremely niche. A fun idea, but likely not practical when devs have lots of other things to do

This would help a lot with missile ships like the Jackdaw and Mordus ships, where your magazine size is your biggest handicap in PvP engagements. As to whether or not this module should exist, I couldn’t say. It could make RLML and RHML dominate more in their tiers.

Throw out some math. This would mean an increase in average DPS for a weapon system. How big a DPS increase are we talking? And what about ships that don’t have utility highs? Spreadsheets needed.

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