Auto-Loaders and Single Shoot "Weapons"

Hello eve community!

I wanted to bring forth a new idea of auto shooting and single shot game play. How would this work? Let’s go over this idea, currently all you have to do is smash down on your f1 key… I’m not sure if it would be more wise to do it as a grouping to get the rapid fire or allow it to be solo rapid fire idea.

Auto Loaders —> Special Role Only damages your hit points, one round is one hit point.

Single Loaders —> “Special Role” Only damage the ships modulars "damage controls… etc etc
Yes it’s like over heating the modular on the players ships, once damage they would have to repair it.

High Slot = HS Guns
HS 1 = (single shot mode) 0% to 50% wait time by user = 20 secs per shot fired
Under this mode you must push the f1 key every 20 secs, no auto cycle.
HS 2 = (auto shot mode) 120 secs loading time of (20 rounds) = 3 sec’s all rounds fired
HS 3 = (auto shot mode) 120 secs loading time of (20 rounds) = 3 sec’s all rounds fired
HS 4 = (auto shot mode) 120 secs loading time of (20 rounds) = 3 sec’s all rounds fired
HS 5 = (auto shot mode) 120 secs loading time of (20 rounds) = 3 sec’s all rounds fired
HS 6 = (auto shot mode) 120 secs loading time of (20 rounds) = 3 sec’s all rounds fired

Am I correct in thinking you want a rapid fire option on your guns, at the expense of extra reload time?


I’ll take your like as a yes.

I think you should check out Rapid Missile Launchers. They do what you’re talking about. I don’t think it would be a good idea balance wise if other weapon types got this as an option, especially since it would make rapid launchers redundant.

EDIT - Imagine a large artillery turret firing 20rds in 3 seconds, it would be battleship instapop sillyness. Secondly the nasty gankers everyone hates so much would make more use of this than anyone, and the populous likely wouldn’t respond well to that.


It would be fire more faster, no single. You would see them all fly in one go.

It’s not so much about how good it looks, rather how it effects the game in relation to other modules and ships. I don’t think you’ve put a huge amount of thought into the balance aspect.

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Imagine a suicide Cat unloading all slots instantly.


Already covered that :slight_smile:

Perfect time to implement something like this to counter those ships. :slight_smile:

But then, you think about 60 laser shots in 9 seconds and realise arty isn’t the most broken thing with a rapid gun type.

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Or…not do anything stupid like introducing a bad idea that needs another bad idea to “counter” it?


Imagine a dreadbomb with this kind of gun?


How about this?


The Q ship idea is as redundant now as it has ever been. Please try not to necro it again on the back of this other bad idea. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Just be sensible when filling / fitting your haulers and ganking isn’t an issue.

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Actually… no. You didn’t. Cat fully unloads in 3 seconds, then warps to tether. Would negate concord.

Edited for clarity of what I responded to.

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what are you even on about?

yeah i know what you responded to… him explaining he already covered what you brought up. now you have just quoted the part where he covered it as well

because you know… weapons timers stopped existing too

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No, he’s already sacrificed the ship. His pod is now safe.

then concord is not negated…

and nothing has changed

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Honestly guys, you should not be so harsh on the OP. The idea is GREAT, if not absolutely fabulous! Imagine all the good things people would say! It would make the game so much more interesting! I am even absolutely convinced that there would be a humongous amount of more content happening literally everywhere, ESPECIALLY in highsec!

Especially. : - )


What’s your name, i will spell it on your ship :wink:

updated some Special Roles this could have on a ship.