Suggested Change to Rapid Light Missile Request

Removed due to bad math and logic.

I dont feel your weapon system comparison is in keeping with the design of each system. It is a design feature that blasters do great damage if you can park your ship inside what you are shooting and rails do horrible damage (well always but i guess better than a blaster if you want any range at all).

The spread of damage and range between blasters and rails is the biggest of any system (i dont know about triglavians) but of the traditional systems this spread is the biggest and intentionally so.

The spread of damage and range for missiles is smaller by design, in fact, with the addition of MGCs the range difference between say light missiles and rockets isnt even that big a deal.

In short, i feel you are comparing apples and oranges to justify your position and it really negates what CCP wants from the weapon systems you mentioned.

Smashing the damage and range of missiles closer isnt good for EVE and so neither is your idea.

Ummm I’m pretty sure a faster explosion velocity means better application. Or have i just been lied to my whole life?

That and any attempt at a direct comparison between missiles and turrets just doesn’t work.

Taking the blaster vs railgun tracking comparison, at longer ranges your transversal velocity is much lower than close up. So it’s as though the target is moving slower as well as the turret being designed to hit less.

With missiles however, the target’s speed is not mitigated by range. In fact when you’re using rockets you probably have a web on the target as well. So missiles need to maintain some application at range.

Oops I’m being retarded you are right… I reversed it xD

You are completely missing the point about light missiles loosing projection, just upping damage doesn’t always mean more damage.

Yea you are right but I don’t see another way of balancing rapid lights without having to change light missile ammo as they are linked… so please suggest another way to balance RLML?

Dunno. Must they be balanced? Maybe a rof nerf for rlml?

I appreciate burst weaponry is very powerful in groups, but cruisers generally wreck frigates in all kinds of fights. Rlml are better at it true, but are they THAT much better? I don’t know.

The problem I see is that they are strong (not just strong but completely brutal) against the only thing that can hold them down, if they want to they can just stay alive and kill only what cannot kill them if they so choose.

Think of it this way, RLML has about 20k burst, other cruiser burst - artillery is about 4k a BS gun’s is 10k burst, and you strugling to hit a frig with those large artillary, RLML does it with 100% perfect tracking on a cruiser weapon.

If in 2009 eve when balance was good, you said we are introducing a new weapon type to eve we want it to have twice the burst of large artillary and have perfect tracking on a cruiser weapon at long range’s most people would say no ■■■■■■■ way.

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