Corax Weapon slots

The corax visibly has 8 mounts on the ship but in the fitter you may only fit 7. is this a bug do to a typo in the code? i highly doubt it is though because i know its been like this ever since i played a few years ago i just thought it was an odd thing to visibly have 8 but can only equip 7
a few pics of what im talking bout. (also note only 6 launchers are equipped cause the 7th slot is taken by a Auto Targeting System.

Most ships are like this. I’m not particularly OCD, but it does bother me a bit to look at.

It may be a bug, but it’s of the “works as designed” flavor :wink:

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Its probably for the same reason why max refine rates are not at 100%, it gives the dev’s some wiggle room if they want to add another high slot so that they dont have to have the art department remake the ship.

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This is precisely the reason.

While ship stats can change from patch to patch, redoing art assets is a much more time-intensive endeavor.
It is a kind of “future proofing” of the models so that the model does not need to be modified much (if at all) when a ship is rebalanced.

More than a few other ships have the same “issue.”

So to answer your questions directly: No, it isn’t a bug or an oversight. It is working as intended. :slight_smile:


edit: Also… why an Auto-targeting system? The only real benefit it gives is the ability to target more things. I would think a Tractor Beam would be more useful.

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When low on power and CPU and you’re going to go ratting and have an empty high slot, I consider fitting an auto targeting system. For waves and waves of rats…

It’s common across a lot of hulls - after a lot of tinkering this is what it appears to be:
Each hi-slot maps to a pair (or more - enough to give clear all round field of fire) of mounting points. It’s a one to one mapping. The number of launchers or turrets fitted is limited, and that’s what drives the “empty slot” if there’s a utility hi-slot.
Fit one turret and move it between slots to see what I mean - it moves to different places on the hull.
Most hi-slots modules have a point on the hull where the unit is represented (the tractor appears from somewhere for example) so a mounting location is needed for each slot.

A bad description of the reason. But they are not turret mounting slots, but hi-power module mounting locations, and turrets/launchers are high slot modules.

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