Turret locations

So, I’m not OCD, but sometimes when you fit a ship, you find yourself with odd turret layouts. These can make the ship just aesthetically feel weird. The most egregious offender in my hanger to this is the Rattlesnake with 5 turret slots which if all used, will result in a lopsided layout on the model.

The thing is… we know these models have more turret locations. We know this because NPC ship models often will have more turrets on them then even the equivalent capsulier hull.

To this, I would ask CCP for some way to chose what turret hard points on the model you use for turrets on the ship. A simple button to allow you to cycle though hard point locations on the model. This would necessitate uncoupling the existing slots layout to model hardpoint layouts, but I think (if possible) this small, completely cosmetic, change would allow for a little more personalization of your ships.

You can. The 1st slot in your fitting window is tied to a specific hard point. So fitting your turrets to 1-5 is different from fitting them to 2-6 as far as layout goes.


The problem with this is your ability to fit your weapons based on overheat negates your ability to fit based on aesthetics.

Not to mention certain drone cruisers, which now have 6 hardpoints, while all versions (except a special edition) have only 4 high slots, and it is almost impossible to make a decent looking turret setup, if you want to use more than one of them.

Also Maxis, if you’re not an OCD person, you may borrow some from me any time :smiley:

I don’t think this will get much traction, but I like it. It would fit well with my OCO (there is no “disorder” in my “obsessive compulsiveness”).

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