Ship's high slots of 3D model

After I fit my Praxis my OCD brings back again. That why CCP always model the fault number of high slots different from what it exactly can fit?

This mistake, or just kind of buffering for the future balancing or sort of, is so weird for me and a little group of perfectionism. And this is not the first. 6 high slot Vexor(200+km control range dream ship)? 7 high slot Legion but can fit 8? The 8 slot model of Moa usually make me dream “ho yea that is what I really want and it satisfied the description ’ its railguns can rain death upon foes’” but even the Eagle and Onyx and Gila got fxxked.

Drake…8 visual places for launchers…only fit 7…this used to bug the crap out of me. I dont even think its 7 anymore…haven’t flown it in years.

@Hourus_Son-of-RA What do you mean? There are 7 high slots and you can mount 6 turrets OR 6 launchers.


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A Praxis may have 7 high slots, but it has 8 hardpoint sets: 6 pairs on the wing struts, and 2 pairs on the main fusilage.

Since ship models are frequently reused, having additional hardpoints to cover variants is a resource-saving move on the part of the devs. Some ships even have extra hardpoints which are used when you fit different types of modules. e.g. try fitting tractor beams or salvagers to a Drake; you’ll find out they don’t go in the same place that missile launchers would…

Much more vexing about the Praxis however, is that the one hardpoint that doesn’t correspond to a high slot is one of the 6 on the wing struts (instead of one of the 2 hardpoints on the fusilage). That seriously triggers my OCD. It was bad enough when we found out the damned thing flies backwards, but to have both 6 weapon slots and 6 wing strut hardpoints and then not being able to fill those hardpoints… damn you, CCP!

every ship in the game has 8 hard points on their hulls. even things like carriers and freighters

Just turn turrets and launchers off. OCD fixed!

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First world capsuleer problems? :stuck_out_tongue:


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