More turret headpoints

(Skander Parzival) #1

The ships in this game are unique. But one thing on the design bothers me a little. Those that are supposed to be "battleships or even battlecruisers have just enough turrets to fire. A ship that large should be filled with headpoints don’t you think?
I’m not speaking of course for “more high slots” but maybe a few more turrets on the design would be nice.

(Quelza) #2

What models get you thinking about this?

The only larger ship that really bothers me in terms of turret placement is the Hurricane model. All that body and CCP puts a bunch of the turrets nearer the rear of the ship. Weirdest of all are the turrets placed on the skinny little sensor winglets.

But go look at old naval battleships, battlecruisers and dreadnoughts. They’re not exactly bristling with guns (some have a complement of smaller point defense weapons, but that’s what we have drones for). Also, check out the models for the weapons by clicking their icons in the info panel. These guns are enormous, and each of them use up ship power and computing resources.

(Old Pervert) #3

They have bigger guns, not more of them.

(JC Mieyli) #4

i like mach but 7 hardpoints sucks so much
3 guns on one side and 4 on the other wtf

(Skander Parzival) #5

For exemple the paladins has 4 miger turrets per side. Leaven 95% empty. It seems like a civilian ship then a Battleship

(JC Mieyli) #6

theyre hardly meagre
theyre pretty potent actually
anyway its to do with the computers
because its an advanced t2 ship and computer technology is limited it basically means they have to reduce the number of guns on the ship to allow the computers to manage other functions
because the computer will have performance issues if it has to do too many tasks at once and on marauders the tasks the computer has to do are very resource intensive
so the computers can only physically manage 4 guns
but they make up for it by overclocking the guns and boosting the ships power core so they are twice as powerful as a normal bs

(Quelza) #7

Oh right!

The lore behind Marauders actually explicitly states they use revolutionary hardpoint tech that doubles the performance of each weapon.

But I get what you mean, it’d be nice if they placed multiple turret models on the hull even if the damage only takes the four into account.

(Mr Lopez) #8

I personally think on battleships the turrets look like little pointy fingers. They hardly look like an intimidating weapon. If you look at weapons on dedicated platforms the weapon is most of the unit with other things strapped to it to make it work. If your referring to aesthetics yea they are very underwhelming… Less but bigga gunz!

(Skander Parzival) #9

I’m refering purly to aestetics

I would like to see more headpoints, just that. To feel like using a Combat ship and not a cargo

(JC Mieyli) #10

well then you should buy an abaddon

(Quelza) #11

It’s pretty funny to go onto Caldari Prime Pony Club and impose large guns on small ships. Sometimes I forget how damn big those gun models are because they look so small on the hulls.

(system) #12

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