Wolf has 9 turret models

I just noticed, a Wolf fitted with 4 turrets shows 9 turrets on the ship. That’s one too many.

I’ve seen several ships do that, and I think its cause where its an uneven number of high slots. I remember something like this was brought up before, but I don’t remember if it was on the old forums or here.

I imagine, that ships with uneven numbers of turrets have one, that can shoot in both directions. Maybe the wolf had five turrets before.

It’s all to do with angles of fire (there’s a posting/video somewhere of CCP doing a ship redesign that has the firing arcs shown on it). I like that the ships consider that rather than the “magic beam from somewhere”.
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If the designer limits themselves to only two physicals per weapon then they are placing design limitations on the hull: mountings would have to be at the point of greatest separation only for each pair.

The best example of “more than two physical turret positions per turret weapon” are the three emitter points (balls) on a Triglavian hull.

It’s to do with arc of fire coverage. One gun can shoot in every direction. This means most single guns appear on two points on the ship.

In some cases (as with Triglavians ships, by design) a third turret is needed for full coverage.

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