Number of launchers on many ship hulls

Years ago there was a question raised on the number of launchers placed on a ship as compared to the number that shows in the fitting window.
For example, the Tengu. It can have 6 launchers, but there are 12 on the ship! It doesn’t need 12, and some of the locations of the launchers look ridiculous, IMO. They are placed in some locations that don’t make sense. There are many other ships that have too many launchers placed on their hulls. Like the Caracal, lets put a heavy launcher above the cockpit!
For the excessive number of turrets, the reason was that guns needed a direct line of sight when they fired. Some of the turret locations look ridiculous too. But missile launchers don’t need a direct line of sight.
So I wish CCP could spend more time fixing little things like that, then spending time and resources on trying to re-create Duke Nukem, again.

12 sure, but depending on the angle of the ship is which launchers they launch from. They will only launch from whatever are grouped together at a time, but depends on the direction of the ship


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