Why do some ships have weird turret/launcher distribution?

Quite a few HACs and other ships have a single turret or launcher hardpoint on the ship when it’s not bonused for the particular weapon. The empty high slot will almost always be used for an utility slot module (or left empty), so why do the ships have this extra allotment?

The general answer is “because that is how it is in the game” - but I’m going to ramble on a bit.

It’s common among Minmatar ships - that’s part of “what Minmatar ships are”: they tend to have a slightly more “thrown together” feeling about their designs, to me anyway. Some work well with shields or armour which is also unusual compared to other factions.

In practice you are right, it’s a “utility high slot” but you have the the additional option of a “utility missile launcher” if you wish compared to just the usual utility options of cap warfare and other modules.
I quite often fit a rapid missile launcher as a utility - it gives me a damage/application option against smaller ships. Though admittedly at low DPS. It’s like carrying drones in what is otherwise a gunship (such as an Omen).

Now, I’m an Amarrian pilot - we have a few similar things with our drone ships. The Arbitrator for example is a drone based support ship. It has four high slots, three turret hard points and two missile points. It gives you options - the Dragoon and Prophecy can be equally fitted with missiles or turrets with a utility high - or as a mix. But again, they are primarily drone boats.

And that’s the thing, and a general feature of Eve: It gives the player options. People here (and I’m guilty of it) will tell you “this is right, that is wrong” (I try not to be prescriptive) - but it depends on players preferences: how do you want to fit the ship to meet your needs and style?

Eve gives you that freedom.

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It’s all the duct tape. :smiley:

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I think Minmatar would generally whack in a few more rivets rather use than ‘hi-tech’
solutions such as duct-tape…

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